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Microsoft Education Partner Solutions

Dear Microsoft Partners, 


Microsoft Education ISV partner solutions 

The fallout from COVID-19, continuing advances in digital technology, and intensifying pent-up demand for student-centered learning have combined to present an unprecedented opportunity to transform education across whole systems. Technology is playing a critical role in enabling students to stay connected, engaged, and motivated. Teachers around the world continue the learning journey with their classes by integrating video, game-based learning, and powerful collaboration tools into their virtual lessons. Students are experiencing a new type of learning, which will have an important, lasting impact. Institutional leaders have told us that going online is about more than remote instruction – it is about implementing solutions that will keep departments running smoothly and evolve with the changing needs of students and staff.  


This resource page: Microsoft Education partner solutions - Microsoft Educator Center compiles many of our third party partners who integrate their various solutions with Microsoft technologies, including Windows 10, Edge, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams.