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Introducing new Microsoft 365 A1 device offer

Learn more about Microsoft 365 A1 by visiting https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/management/. Microsoft 365 A1 is the comprehensive new offer with everything a school needs to unlock limitless learning on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft 365 A1 includes Intune for Education for device management, Office 365 Education with Teams and OneNote for classroom collaboration, and Windows 10 Pro upgrade for better learning outcomes.

This new offer has a one-time price of just US$30 for the life of a Windows device, and is available via the Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) program.

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Re: Introducing new Microsoft 365 A1 device offer

is there a similar offer in the UK?



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Re: Introducing new Microsoft 365 A1 device offer

Thats' great,

I am able to see those for my clients who qualified for education offer.


Are you aware how to active those?


IS any Doc/Video avaiable how to assign or active those licenses.