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Denmark university transforms IT operations by moving to the cloud

Dear Microsoft Partners,


Faced with setbacks and declining user satisfaction, University College of Northern Denmark made the radical decision to move its entire datacenter to the cloud. The IT department developed a sourcing strategy around four main components: SaaS, NaaS, datacenter migration, shutdown of more than 200 on-premises servers, and printer as a service (PaaS). One year later, the school has optimized operations in the form of reliable, stable, secure IT services, and business transformation. Looking ahead, the school is prepared to realize the full benefits of going digital.


When René Storgaard Madsen joined University College of Northern Denmark as CIO in the summer of 2014, he was immediately faced with a problem. IT services were bogged down with complex operational processes, causing growing frustration among students and staff, especially in terms of service quality and uptime. The school’s on-premises datacenter struggled with its workload, putting the IT department in perpetual emergency mode, unable to focus on business development. Madsen saw two possible solutions: take a serious step up in internal operations and look to the market for assistance.


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