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Customer Stories - Mittelschule Kirchdorf: Reimagining hybrid learning through digitalization

Dear partner community,


Martin Schnetzer, teacher and IT admin at Mittelschule Kirchdorf, Austria, reflects on the digital transformation that his school has embarked on over the last year – and how adopting Microsoft Teams and Surface devices has helped them succeed.


A chance visit to an education conference would inspire Schnetzer to lead his school through a major digital transformation, one driven not just by cutting edge technology, but also by creating a digital mindset and culture that would shape the institution’s approach to education.


“Our aim was to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom to enhance teaching and learning, not replace elements that are vital to the development of students,” explains Schnetzer, “and we believe that the results we achieved prove this is possible.”


Discover how:

  • One school inspires a whole community

  • A global crisis accelerates change

  • Hybrid learning and teaching proves beneficial

  • The future of education innovation


Read the full customer story: Mittelschule Kirchdorf: Reimagining hybrid learning through digitalization (microsoft.com)