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Customer Stories - How FH JOANNEUM is preparing a new class of highly skilled professionals

Dear Microsoft Partners,


“Nowadays, if you want to pursue a career in medical informatics, you need to be highly skilled in software engineering, machine learning and more. Fortunately, that’s where the Microsoft courses are making the difference for me – helping me to start my learning journey and acquire the basis knowledge to later build expertise upon.”


Daniel Reichenpfader, master’s student at Austria’s FH JOANNEUM University, is discussing how understanding new technologies has become essential to securing jobs in competitive fields – and how Microsoft is helping students prepare for them.


Reichenpfader has been attending a series of certified Microsoft courses that his university is making available through the Microsoft Learn for Educators Program. Available for both bachelor and master’s students, the scheme bids to upskill future generations of engineers, scientists and mathematicians based on their sectors’ evolving recruiting demands.


“There are currently so many degree programs to choose from, it’s often the case that one degree program does not cover all of the aspects needed,” he continues.


“Self-paced courses like Microsoft fundamentals perfectly complement our existing education, enabling everyone to fill knowledge-gaps where needed and also provide a way of life-long learning.”


Learn about:

  • How FH JOANNEUM is changing the teaching of IT 
  • The program in a nutshell 
  • Winning over initial resistance 
  • Tackling education's skilling gap 


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