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Empowering Tech Opportunities for You and Your Community!

With the current economic situation there is a huge opportunity for both job seekers and the technology industry to get trough this economic crises together. With this blog I want to pay forward all the opportunities and encouragement I received, by empowering you and your community.


Microsoft and their partners have an extensive number of efforts which can inspire you for your next steps. With the extensive number I mean that this is a blog and opportunity collection, of which an opportunity might be for you. Feel free to scroll away to the opportunities.


Before the listed opportunities I hope to offer some guidance by sharing my personal story and perspective, with an overview for your personal and your communities benefit.


Read more at my LinkedIn blog at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/empowering-tech-opportunities-you-your-community-daphne-van-vliet/?trackingId=52XGLDUfUEMfXJoC%2B9WA2g%3D%3D



Partner Development Manager - Microsoft Netherlands