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The importance of curating the LinkedIn company profile




LinkedIn is the most famous and most popular professional social network in the world. Do you know the phrase, which has recently come into vogue, which says “if it doesn't exist on the Internet, then it doesn't exist”? I think it could also be adapted to companies and LinkedIn: "if it doesn't exist on LinkedIn, then it doesn't exist." What do you think about it? 

Honestly I think that just existing is not enough. You must also prove that you are alive. 

In an increasingly competitive world and market, it is getting more difficult to get noticed. For this reason, a virtual showcase like LinkedIn turns out to be an immense help. With the company profile you are able to post, comment, visit profiles of important people for your company, offer job positions, and a thousand other things. In a nutshell, your company can do online all the activities that it usually does offline but with an audience larger millions of times and with the possibility of being able to target it at best. 

So how could you get noticed in a sea of users? How could you become a leader in your industry? 

Let's find it out! 


  1. Are the company name and profile photo correct? 

It sounds trivial, I know, but many companies don't pay attention to how their company name is spelled. Write it correctly, with the right uppercase and lowercase letters and above all respecting the abbreviations perfectly Even if you are not realizing it, you are already communicating: you are a serious company, which pays attention to all the details and cares about its reputation. 

As for the profile image, however, is it the one with the company logo updated to the latest version? Is the four-color process correct? Can you immediately understand that it is your company logo? To avoid any kind of mistake, ask your company's graphic designer for help. In case, the dimensions are 400x400 pixels. 


  1. The cover image

The cover image is probably one of LinkedIn's most useful tools. It allows you to communicate graphically and super quickly whatever you want. In fact, it is the largest image that appears as soon as someone clicks on your company profile. You can use it for various reasons: write your company mission! Or you could always create a special graphic to sponsor an event that your company will hold soon! Dimensions: 1536X768 pixels. 


  1. About 

Super important section. Enter a brief but effective description of your company, what it does and what its mission is, and why not, even the vision. Make it easy for those who visit your profile to have the most important information quickly. You have about 2,000 characters available… and don’t forget to use the right keywords! 


  1. Use the career page 

In this section you can go into the details of what your company is and what it does. You can do this in several ways: you can create videos or testimonials from your employees. Remember, this way you will be able to become more reliable! 


  1. Create a hashtag for your community 

Create a hashtag that is easily traceable to you and your community! It will allow you to more easily get in touch with your audience, and above all it will allow you to do one fundamental thing today: listen. 

At Microsoft, for example we use #MSFTadvocate! 


  1. Create and share posts 

Creating and sharing posts is your primary way to communicate. 

You have to inspire! How? Try to create conversations under the posts! Create posts that inspire people. Create content that brings value, that stimulates an answer, and why not, even a sharing! In this way you will be able to expand your network, get in touch with different people and companies and finally you will also be able to attract new followers! 


  1.  Persevere 

Remember to be consistent in posting quality content. Only in this way will your company profile be able to acquire greater authority in the community over time and become a reference point for your sector, a leader.