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People Relationship Management (PRM) is not just a technical tool, it’s a philosophy.

PRM is way more than a traditional CRM track. It’s about using data & information to enable a personal dialogue with people, and always make a relevant difference to their lives.




Progressive profiling: With personal relationships in mind it is important that we make intelligent use of all the available data without forcing our way in. Relationships and trust need to grow. Data and trust will come over time. Looking at implicit data (digital body language) can help us with that.


KPI: A PRM program can only work if you can objectively measure results. Analysis of past data will help to define what will be the new data needed to obtain the results within the defined program. Create a KPI and measurement plan and evaluate constantly during execution. KPI dashboards can help with that.


Content: To communicate and engage you need to have quality content. Important, the content that will be used must be totally in line with the KPI objectives. Do you need more explicit data? Maybe a landing page action with form can help. Do you need to capture interest? Why not try to detect based on digital body language through the right content.


Process: We will need to work fast, iterate, adapt. This will involve content production, technical skilling, tools and company processes. Clearly define a way of working. Who will be responsible for what? How will information by shared by when? Define a process, document, align and agree.


Technology: Impossible to run PRM without the use of good technology. Looking at your plans, define what technology you would need and the level of complexity matching the goals of your project(s). Think about collaboration tools, CRM tools, Marketing Automation, design, Business intelligent ....


Automate: Running a multitude of programs, cross-matching data, driving content campaigns at scale can not be done without a level of automation. It is however desired to first test and simulate what you want to automate. Ones all tests are conclusive, and processes have been approved it is time to initiate and grow your automation.