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Digital marketing tactics for partners

Find inspiration, trends and tactics on digital marketing.


Partner marketing tools and assets you need to know

We often get questions from our partners if we could help them with logo’s, ready made content, presentations or whatever tools that could help them in growing their business. Rarely do they know that we already have a very large number of services available online to use and amplify. Let us guide you through some of the most important ones.



FY21 Microsoft Go to Market Programs overview

A great way to start and learn more about all we have to offer you is to browse to some very clear overview deck. It will take you 10 minutes to go through them all, but it will worth it! Trust me.
Start your journey here https://aka.ms/wegtmprograms

Microsoft Event Finder

The Microsoft Event Finder gives you as a partner the opportunity to increase the visibility of your Cloud events to new potential interested customers. These events could be workshops (like CIE - Customer Immersion Experience) - or large end-customer events.
Register your events for free on the event finder

Microsoft Belux Partner Hub

This partner hub is your one stop shopping place for all partner related content, services and stories. In doubt what Microsoft Belux have to offer you? Just go to the HUB and you will find your answer in no time.


Microsoft Cloud Accelerators for Microsoft 365
Microsoft Cloud Accelerators provide a set of pre-made workshops that enable partners to accelerate the customer journey, including a rapid deployment program to address your customers’ current needs for business continuity. Discover now

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand is helping partners increase productivity and generate demand online. Available at no cost to Microsoft partners, Digital Marketing Content OnDemand is your own personal digital marketing assistant and delivers fresh, relevant content for you to customize and share on your social, email, website, or blog. Let’s go!

Partner marketing center

Whether you’re developing your marketing material from scratch or enhancing existing content, access sales and marketing assets including pitch decks, presentations, pre-written emails, and more in one comprehensive content library. Get the resources now.

Logo builder

Create an impactful logo that differentiates your brand and communicates your value proposition as a Microsoft partner. Create Microsoft partner logo here

Qorus content hub

Leverage a sales enablement platform to access and customize Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 content within your Office applications. Track customer engagement with your documents to gain insights into how they interact with your proposals. Sign up now for free

Co-branded social marketing assets

Get quality content and images to post on your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.
Get going!

Solution Workspace

Solution Workspace provides a place for Microsoft to meet you—wherever you are—to take your solution from idea to market with curated resources, proven advice, and actionable steps to move your idea forward in the sales lifecycle from Build, to Go to Market, to Sell stages. Now, you can realize the potential of your solution at your own pace, all in one place.


Azure for Partners Portal

Explore the Azure Partner Zone with latest news, resources, and content to stay abreast of emerging trends, learn about new products and features, and find the tools needed to build a thriving Azure practice.

Need more? We are there to help

You browsed through all the pages very intensely (did you?) and still did not find what you where looking for? No problem, inform your PDM or drop us an email and we will try to help you!

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