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It’s Summer Grow Time!




Now we can say it: it's summertime! 

The Microsoft fiscal year has just ended and now a little rest is well deserved to charge the batteries and be able to start the following year with the maximum of strength!  

Any plans for your holidays? If you don't have specific plans, why not take advantage of the quiet period to increase your skills? 

But first, what are skills? By skills we mean a particular skill and competence of a person preparing for effective and productive interaction with others, both in the workplace and outside of it. 
So, as you can well imagine, skills are very important in everyday working life and you will surely have heard that they are also highly required in job interviews. 

Why not increase them? Why not enrich your skills in order to improve and be increasingly competitive? 

Here we suggest three very valid ways to increase your skills! 

1. LinkedIn Learning 

Do you already know LinkedIn Learning

Here, in this magnificent portal, you can find an unlimited number of courses to increase your skills! 

These courses are all free, short and medium length, divided into lessons and chapters. Following these courses will be like taking part in real lessons and you will be able to grow and enrich your knowledge. Your skills will also be certified! 

2. Microsoft Learning Paths 

The other way to increase your skills and competences is provided directly by Microsoft. In our portal  you can find an infinite number of courses regarding our technologies such as Azure, Dynamics365, Office365 and much more! 

These learning paths and certifications are very important to fully discover the possibilities that Microsoft technologies can offer. If you are a partner, these courses are absolutely for you! 

By choosing the technology and the course of your interest you will be able to fully discover every single aspect of it. You will be guided through learning paths full of explanations and videos, as well as exercises via sandbox to try what you have learned. 


3. Microsoft Certifications 

These certifications are super important if you are our partner, even if you only deal with marketing and sales. In fact, they will allow you to communicate with us in the same language, avoid doubts and make the various partnership processes faster and more fluid. They will therefore allow you to have a firm knowledge of what your company does, and you will be able to make business decisions in a simpler and safer way. 

n the end, if you want to push the bar even harder and make it official, the certifications are for you! With the most important one AZ 900. Accessible for everyone, even without technical baggage. Being officially certified can make a whole lot of difference for Microsoft and is adding a major extra on your personal CV. 


So.. what are you waiting for to start? 


Story provided by Filippo Reppi