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How to activate your webinar through intelligent calling?

We recently all went fully digital. Webinars are one of the most used techniques to activate our sales and marketing funnel. Problem is, you are not alone, and webinar fatigue is kicking in. So, how do you make sure people attend to your webinars and even join them? Why not amplify with some intelligent calling?


It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but what I found working the best, was to combine classical account-based marketing techniques with digital body language monitoring. Meaning, instead of approaching the prospect purely through cold calling, I start with a targeted email. From there on, we continue the nurturing journey till after the webinar.
Let me go step by step over it with you:

  1. Identify your target audience a prep them with a prospection message (call – 5 days)

Send them a targeted email and/or social campaign and start explaining why you think your prospect should join this webinar. Talk purely on this business value of that webinar. Remember, you are landing the message, no need to talk about the product functionalities yet

  1. Start calling based on implicit interest

Social and/or email gives you deep insights on who exactly opened or even clicked on your prospection message. Learn from this and prioritize your calling audience based on implicit interest on what they call the “digital body language”. Normally your call will be much smoother, since you know there was already some kind of interest. Please, don’t tell them you know they clicked ...

  1. Start prepping the mindset via a nurturing follow-up email (call + 4 days)

Hopefully your call went well and you where able to convince them to join the webinar. Now, do not forget that your FREE webinar is still weeks ahead and there is a chance that they will no longer prioritise the precious time. The job is now to keep their interest and stay to off mind. Therefore make sure you thank them for their interest and offer them some material to already fully prepare on the webinar to come. Customer cases work best.

  1. The day before email (webinar - 1 day)

Make sure that the day before your webinar, you send them a reminder email. Include link and time to connect and even maybe a contact in case of something is not working.

  1. Webinar day

This is the day. Focus on interactivity. Bring value in business and product. More info can be found in this recent article 6 rules to create the ultimate digital event - Microsoft Partner Community

  1. The day after (webinar + 1 day)

Some people joined, some didn’t. They all had their reasons. Make sure to send a follow-up email. Include the slide deck, the recordings, some extra’s ... you decide. Please make sure to not forget the people who couldn’t join. Now it’s up to you to decide. Do you have a new session to come, invite them. You don’t have a new session, why not send them the recording and make sure they got your message.


Hope this helps and please feel free to comment or let me know how that worked for you.