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Digital Transformation Journey for Small and Midsize Business



In a world where the digital landscape is ever-changing, the possibilities for productivity and increasing revenue streams are endless. Unfortunately, the problems that come with these opportunities are often complex. Therefore, guidance, communication, and expert advice on integration solutions are crucial. This applies to our clients, our partners and everyone involved. Not only do we want to provide a seamless one-stop-shop, we also recognize the need for communication and advice.


Our responsibility is to develop transparent systems and customer journeys, serving as a guide and a compass on every level required to allow all our clients and partners to grow and prosper.

We have developed a roadmap, a real customer journey, allowing you to take the next step in growing your business. It is not a static program, but a dynamic and interactive journey, and it will evolve as your needs and those of your clients evolve.


The digital transformation journey for SMBs includes information with regards to:


  1. The Microsoft Partner community: allowing you to benefit from the experience of others and improve your efficiency. You will be the first to get the updates, and you will be the first to benefit from the experiences of your peers.
  2. Readiness and certification: your clients’ demands are ever-increasing and involve highly specialized know-how and technical skills. We believe it to be our duty to boost those skills and help our partners in their journey towards an all-encompassing quality level.
  3. Building a successful solution: from theory to practice. Training, information, and know-how are the first steps. Implementation is the silver bullet to growth and reputation. Support is vital to get optimal results and generate the best possible solutions with the least likely problems. Let us help you and benefit from the lifelines we have put in place.
  4. Go to market: we want to help you in your lead generation programs and your ‘road to market’. The support allows you to focus on your primary task, being the partner of choice and the ideal technical support, with state-of-the-art solutions.
  5. Accelerate Sales: We believe commitment should be rewarded; it is an integral part of a partnership. Reaping the benefits and increasing the collaboration and the activity level, through a set of programs and stimuli to keep our MS community growing.
  6. Where can I get support: We firmly believe that our resources and support should be easy to consult and to use.
  7. Workload specific resources: Our partners are entitled to access specific resources and specialized content to outperform the competition. We have developed a wide array of solutions to overcome even the most particular situations.

To find out more please see the Small and Midsize Business Digital Transformation Journey:

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For further details please send your request to the Microsoft SMB Belux inbox: beluxsmb@microsoft.com