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Lifting and Shifting - How to migrate from your datacenter to Azure

Hello partners! I found this wonderful two-part comprehensive guide to migrating from a datacenter over to Azure cloud.

Check out part-1 and part-2, and let us know of any questions you may have.

Happy lifting!


Re: Lifting and Shifting - How to migrate from your datacenter to Azure

It's super-important especially for traditional hosting providers to embrace that this change is happening (and has been happening for quite some time).

Decommissioning smaller datacenters and moving to Azure while taking care of your customers is the way forward. When your promise is 'close to zero downtime' then your job will easier if you move to Azure.

I don't want to sound like a commercial but I believe that especially hosters needs to climb higher up in the value chain and running your own datacenters is not where the values lies going forward. I also suggest that hosters try to come up with clever offerings where they utilize the capabilities with Microsoft Azure in different geopgraphies. Geo based offerings is a potential goldmine for Microsoft Partners. 

Great opportunities for hosters going forward if they embrace Azure and climb the value ladder!


Regards, Per