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Benefits of registering self-installed SQL Server VMs to Resource Provider?


Dear Microsoft Azure Data Partner,


Do you know the benefits of registering self-installed SQL Server Azure Virtual Machines to Resource Provider?


Many companies are moving their SQL Server databases from on-premises to Azure, allowing them to benefit from cloud elasticity and scalability at the lowest TCO*. Customers can either move to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance for a fully-managed PaaS database with built-in intelligence or may choose to move to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines for reasons including full control over both the operating system and database. In running SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines, customers can benefit from Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server and SQL Server and three years of free Extended Security Updates for significant cost savings. If they choose to self-install SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines instead of choosing a preconfigured pay-as-you-go or bring-your-own-license from the Azure Marketplace, there are two reasons why you should register your SQL VM with our Resource Provider today:


  • Compliance – satisfy the Microsoft Product Terms requiring you to indicate to Microsoft when using Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  • Feature benefits – unlock auto-patching, auto-backup, monitoring, and manageability capabilities, as well as licensing flexibility, when registering with SQL virtual machines with Resource Provider. Previously, these were only available to SQL VM images from the Azure Marketplace.


Understand the benefits of educating your customers to register their SQL Server Azure VMs to Resource Provider here and send them the attached communication to help with the process.


More details in regards to the installation of the SQL Server IaaS extension you can find here:


More details in regards to SQL resource provider you can find here:




How to setup automated backups in PowerShell:


How to setup automated patching in PowerShell:


How to configure key vault integration using template:



*Total cost of ownership (TCO) is up to five times lower than with SQL Server on Amazon Web Services EC2. Cost difference includes Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server (exclusive to Azure) and a three-year offer of free Extended Security Updates in Azure Virtual Machines for no additional costs. Prices are as of October 24, 2018 and subject to change. Actual regional pricing and program discounts may apply. Actual savings may vary based on region, instance size, and performance tier. Savings exclude Software Assurance costs, which may vary based on Volume Licensing agreement. Contact your sales representative for more information. Learn more.