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Level 4 Contributor

Seeing Active directory of CPV App Name in Partner Tenant

Once I give consent for my CPV app from my CSP user login , I see a Azure Active directory got created with my CPV domain name under CSP tenant. Is it a desired behaviour?


So when I login with my CSP account I see 2 Directory one for my CPV Domain and one for CSP.


Please let me know if something is wrong from my side or its desired behaviour?


@akumar I am not sure that I understand what you are trying to ask. Are you saying that in a CSP tenant you are seeing the CPV application in the registered application section of Azure AD for a CSP? 

Level 4 Contributor

No, I am saying under CSP Tenant I am seeing 2 Azure Active directory, one for CSP and another for my CPV Domain, and I can choose switch directory option to move between these 2 directories.


Level 4 Contributor

@idwilliams can you help me in validating that is it expected?