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Is there a way as a CPV, that we can leverage the APIs for Partner Center, without being a CSP?

We are trying to access information found here:




And it's saying we need to access areas of the Partner Center that only seem to be available to CSPs.  Is there a way we are supposed to approach utilizing these endpoints without being a CSP?  We've succesfully obtained the tokens through the consent process, but we're still getting 401's when trying to use partner center APIs.  Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!  (We can do the same calls through powershell: get-partnerCustomers and it resolved just fine with the app Id)


Thank you!


Hi @MattLocke,


Control Panel Vendors (CPV) can utilize the Partner Center API, but it has to be on behalf of partner who is a Cloud Solution Provider or through the integration sandbox environment where you have access. You will not be able to use app only authentication as a Control Panel Vendor, so you will need to be sure you have obtained an access token through the appropriate means. I wanted to mention this because it is one of the reason you might be encountering the HTTP 401 error.