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Partner Center Export of Co-Sell Opportunities

I'm looking for a way to export all co-sell opportunities as Excel files like it was possible in the old Partner Sales Connect. Thanks to the support I have been made aware of the current export function via the Analyze section of Co-Sell. However only a certain part of the information is exported. Especially the information of the assigned team members is missing, because we always have to evaluate them. I can imagine that this is the case for several partners with large sales organizations and decentralized sales managers.
Couldn't you provide an Excel export that contains all the information from the opportunity? This would certainly help many people who have to evaluate the data according to different aspects than Microsoft would like.
Just as it was possible in Partner Sales Connect.

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Exporting deals in bulk is not currently available in Partner Center, but is on the road map as a future release. I would expect it sometime before the end of the calendar year, and you will see an export/import button on the top right of the referral sharing space.