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Partner Center Co-Sell Referral Process

First...Partner Center is a label listed, yet when submitting a new topic, this system doesn't recognize it even though I was provided an option to subscribe to this label. If feedback is what Microsoft is looking for, please add Partner Center & Co Sell to your list of available labels. 


Submitting feedback on the Co-Sell Referral process within Partner Center. Microsoft is encouraging partners to create solutions and add to their OCP catalog and the Azure Marketplace (and migrate those solutions to PC) as well as have partners participate in the co-selling process. Microsoft states that co-sell is a collaborative engagement between Microsoft and their partner ecosystem. Through co-sell we are supposed to be able to help enrich opportunities with our solutions, yet all the co-sell referrals we are receiving are transaction based only. Some co-sell opportunities actually state in the notes "checking the box exercise, no action required." In addition, we've connected with one Microsoft seller that stated on the phone to our PDM and our field seller that the lead they submitted was just to check off a box. I also have an email from a Microsoft Manager indicating they will not hit their co-sell requirements if we don't accept their co-sell lead in partner center. I've also received an email from a specialists that stated they were directed to submit all licensing renewals as co-sell opportunities in Partner Center with no goal of strategizing with the partner to increase utilization or deploy M365 workloads, to increase Azure consumption and/or help customers migrate to Azure, or to discuss the partner solution attached to the co-sell opportunity. Clearly, the sales incentives for Microsoft sellers behind co-sell are not fostering the right selling behavior, and instead, creating busy work for partners.