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Partner Center Co-Sell Referral Process - Notifications

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Feedback on the notification system for Co-Sell Referrals in Partner Center. Need more granularity. We are not utilizing the API. The co-sell referral process is managed centrally within our organization, so we need to be able to limit or properly designate the person(s) responsible, yet Partner Center doesn't provide us an option to do this making the co-selling process painful for our organization. How the system is set up, it sends a co-sell referral notice to ever person that was set up in the OCP catalog. We have not found a way to remove contacts from the OCP catalog even though we have escalated this matter to our PDM. We need to understand all notifications that are sent out via this system to ensure the right contacts are notified about incentives, billing, Azure MSP Expert renewals, co-sell referrals, leads, OCP migration to partner center, etc. We have individual responsible for different aspects of partner center/programs, and Microsoft has made it very difficult in understanding all notifications that are being sent out from this system and setting up the correct partner contacts for each. The co-sell notifications, in particular, go out to non-essential personnel which clogs up inboxes and generates unnecessary inquiries across our organization. 

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