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How to join the co-sell program

Hi, We have been partners with Microsoft now for the last 3 years and have maintained multiple Gold Competencencies specially in Analytics space. I don't have a PDM assigned to our company and I am just lost in the big echo system of Microsoft Partnership. We do register the deals in Connect however have not been able to get a single referral from Microsoft. In the Partner Dashboard, Co-Sell area is disabled, I am not even able to add a new deal...

How do I check if indeed I am co-sell ready? Who do I reach to? Any help will be appreciated. 


Sharing two resources here:


To understand what is the cosell process and requirements, check out


If you don't have a PDM, please reach out to the Cloud Enablement Desk at to get started on that journey.


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You can easily begin co-selling with Microsoft by publishing your offer. Find out more details here.


Also, if you you do not have a PDM, consider the Cloud Enablement Desk . 


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If you need some guidance, you can self-nominate for the Cloud Enablement Desk program. This program is designed to provide a personalized and guided experience in leveraging Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) resources, while building and advancing your Cloud skills and your Go to Market capabilities:


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