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Co-sales consultants

Are there any third-party consultants specializing on the Co-sales program itself, helping MS partners take advantage? 

We have been a co-sales partner for well over a year now, without any success. And all of that is due to us, we have not invested significant time in it as the barrier to understand the program, possibilities and options are quite high. For example, heavy use of abbreviations, multiple confusing web-portals, diverging information from multiple stakeholders etc, makes the initial mental energy required quite high. 


Maybe this is just us, but in any case we are in a position where we would like to further invest to make this successful, but don't have the resources necessary to get there. We would therefore like to engage a Program Manager that already has good knowledge about the ins and outs of the program, and can pilot us in the right direction. 




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Tom... this is Riccardo from Italy... (I am English, but have lived in Italy for 7 years)

It is not just you !!!  I have just spent an hour trying to update my Microsoft Partner profile/access/tenant associations/users/Active Directory.... I did succeed in the end...but your comment about the "Barrier" is well said...

It made me laugh when I just found your comment in my email inbox... so obviously this forum works...I only registered post "Inspire" (MS digital event this year) - followed by the "Return to Work" event...

Not sure that I can offer any consultancy service to you... I have just visited your website... and was seriously impressed, probably the best website I have ever visited !!!  in terms of visual activity and design....

You are in Norway ?    I recently read that Norway has 50% electric cars - true ??   really impressive... I only ride a bicycle with my Irish Setter running beside....but I am awaiting delivery of a Tesla ...

Anycase, my current project is for the small local community here in Alberobello.... will detail to you if interested.. I am not sure how this community connects people with email and telephone... and I am not a keen FaceBook/Social Media person ( being 65 years old !!)

As regards this community, I would be interested to see if we can help each other, rather than me offering a service... an idea of this moment, is that we should set up topics relevant to our work ( which I think does overlap) and then feed them into this community to attract support/advice... and then collaborate offline... the obvious Microsoft Product to use is Teams... comments welcome - Riccardo