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Co-Sell Experiences

Calling all startups in our Microsoft for Startups Program - what have your experiences been with our co-sell program?  For some context, I went through the co-sell program over the past two years with a Canadian fintech startup prior to its acquisition and myself joining Microsoft for Startups.  It was an interesting experience from starting in the program, getting our tech on a solid foundation, publishing in the Azure marketplace, and then working with the financial services field teams to drive commercial deals.  Given a typical Tier 1/2 North American bank deal takes almost 2 years to complete, the fact that we were stamped with Microsoft's startup program and were co-sell ready, we were able to accelerate the deal flow process by more than 6 months.  We took it upon ourselves to quarterback the deals with Microsoft in parallel to running our own sales channels and distribution.  We were able to win a pretty lucrative deal with Microsoft with a Tier 2 North American bank after about 18 months from start to finish and then the flood gates opened. This is not an overnight journey, but the ROI is extremely high, and once you truly become co-sell ready, then a startup can truly extrapolate the long-term value of co-sell from Microsoft.  Trust me, I've gone through it.  Thoughts?

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Re: Co-Sell Experiences

How do I become co-sell ready? Is there a checklist?


In 2016 when we selected our cloud provider, our technical checklist favored AWS over Azure. However, we had not taken into account the Co-Sell program. This would've most likely shifted over our decision, as it is beginning to do so now, as if the technology for our solution was more or less the same in either cloud, help with sales is only something Microsoft can help with and they know it better than anyone.