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30 Days to Learn It: Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge



Master the most in-demand skills and advance your career


30 Days to Learn It can help you build skills and start your preparation for Microsoft Certifications for AI, DevOps, Microsoft 365, low code, IoT, data science, cloud development, and more. Select your challenge below, work through learning modules, and exchange ideas with peers through a global community forum.




Achieve your career goals


You can be eligible for 50 percent off the cost of a Microsoft Certification exam by completing your challenge within 30 days. See Terms and Conditions for eligibility details.



Azure AI Fundamentals

Get a solid foundation in machine learning and AI concepts including computer vision, natural language processing, and conversational AI. This learning journey is designed for participants with both technical and nontechnical

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Microsoft 365 Developer

Design, build, test, and maintain apps and solutions with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Identity, and Microsoft Graph. Customize solutions to increase productivity and collaboration.

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Azure Developer

Participate in all phases of cloud development to create end-to-end solutions. Design, build, test, and maintain cloud applications using compute, storage, management, and security services on Azure.

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Power Platform App Maker

Build solutions including apps, AI, and reporting with low code and configuration. Simplify, automate, and transform tasks and processes using the Microsoft Power Platform.
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Azure Data Scientist

Design and implement a data science solution on Azure. Learn how to build machine learning models, no-code predictive models, and ML solutions, and run data science workloads in the cloud.

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Build apps with Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. It allows a programmability model to access the data in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Use Microsoft Graph to build apps for organizations and consumers that interact with millions of users.

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Azure Solutions Architect

Discover how to use Azure Infrastructure to improve your applications and become an Azure Solution Architect. Advise stakeholders and translate business requirements into cloud solutions.
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Java on Azure Developer

Start developing modern Java applications in the cloud with managed compute, databases, and DevOps services. This learning journey is designed for participants with familiarity developing and running Java applications and beginner-level experience with cloud infrastructure.

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DevOps Engineer

Design and implement DevOps processes and practices. Develop an instrumentation strategy with logging, telemetry, and monitoring. Manage source control with GitHub to foster collaboration and automate build and deployment processes.
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Azure Synapse Analytics

Take your data analytics skills to the next level with Azure Synapse Analytics. Learn how to integrate, transform, and consolidate data from various structured and unstructured data systems into structures that are suitable for building analytics solutions.
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