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Your On-Demand virtual seat awaits! Watch Now – April Partner Community Business Call

Thank you for joining us for today's session. If you could not join us today, the on session will be available for on-demand within 24 hours and can be accessed by clicking here.


Below are the topics covered on today's call:

  • Microsoft Viva
  • Partners Offers / GTM Gems
  • The Partner Transformation Journey
  • 3 Steps to Accelerate Your Business Growth
  • Productivity Tip of the Month
  • Partner Resources, Awards, and our next Dare2Share event.

Please be sure to join us for the next call on Thursday, May 20 where our main topic will be Microsoft 365 Business Premium.


You can register for the series at https://aka.ms/partnercall.

You can access the presentation slides and additional resources attached below.

We look forward to seeing you!