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Register Now, Microsoft Viva: Fundamentals for Partners

Hi Partner Community,


This past year has been a time of challenge and change, and how we work will be permanently transformed by the pandemic. Microsoft and our partners have a unique opportunity to address these challenges driven by many organizations’ transition to remote and hybrid work, which demands unprecedented agility and flexibility. To meet these needs, we created Microsoft Viva, an Employee Experience Platform (EXP).

Attend the event on April 26 – 28, 2021 in America local time zones or the redelivery on May 11-13 in APAC and EMEA local time zones to learn from Microsoft experts about the value of Microsoft Viva and the opportunities for partners. Please join us for Microsoft Viva: Fundamentals for Partners.


Microsoft Viva, with Microsoft Teams as its foundation, is an employee experience platform that empowers people and teams to be their best. It focuses on four key solution pillars, supported by the four modules of Microsoft Viva:   

  • Culture & communications – Microsoft Viva Connections  
  • Productivity & wellbeing – Microsoft Viva Insights  
  • Knowledge & expertise – Microsoft Viva Topics  
  • Skilling & growth – Microsoft Viva Learning


Who should attend this event?

This virtual event is a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about Microsoft Viva. Over three days, subject matter experts from Microsoft will offer both presales and technical guidance to help partners land and get ready to build Microsoft Viva solutions for their customers.


Please register now for any or all the sessions in your preferred time zone and join us to learn about the partner opportunities offered by Microsoft Viva. 


We look forward to seeing you!