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Canadian training and events

Upcoming Canada events, training and certification information.


Important Canadian Partner training and events in August, 2019

Hello Partners, 

I wanted to highlight some key training resources‚ news and events happening in August to help you navigate and be aware of the latest available content for our Canadian partners.


Applications & Infrastructure


Azure Migrate New Release: In-person workshops

There has never been a better time to migrate to Azure. We’re seeing numerous triggers come together. IT triggers like datacenter contract expiry, integrating acquired assets, Software end of support and business applications triggers like app innovation. We’re excited to announce the Azure Migrate workshop at the following locations:

Québec: August 13th, 2019


Microsoft Azure Discovery Day: In-person workshop

Showcasing the versatility of Microsoft Azure via a range of demonstrations and discussions, join us to discover how Azure can be implemented in your organization and work seamlessly with your existing tools and infrastructure.

Montreal: August 13th, 2019

Ottawa: August 15th, 2019


Cloud Transformation Series: Webinar

On-demand webinar series to learn about the core Azure services, explore possibilities with Hybrid Cloud, improve the security of privileged accounts used to manage Azure resources and much more!


Build your Capabilities with Cloud Infrastructure & Management Technical Journeys!

Learn more and build your technical capabilities through a simplified mix of technical webinars and personalized technical consultations to help you accelerate sales and deployments, and develop new apps, click here to find out more!


Technical webinars for Application Innovation & Infrastructure

Check out this list of over 540+ remote, interactive technical webinars and 50 one-on-one consultations, available to help you build your technical capabilities. Through live, instructor-led webinars, you will receive interactive training with real-time Q&A capabilities - all at NO COST to Microsoft Partner Network members.


Business Applications


Reinventing Business Productivity

Are you looking to build your technical capabilities? Let us guide you through a suite of technical webinars and personalized technical consultations focused on real-life scenarios to help you accelerate Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales and deployments, and develop new apps of Office 365. Visit the following MPN Technical Blog to view new monthly sessions


Business Applications Virtual Partner Events

Discover new virtual workshop in Business Applications, Learn about new capabilities and services delivered by expert consultants.


Modern Workplace


Get the most out of your Modern Workplace resources

Learn technical skills for presales and deployment scenarios and expand your capabilities to resolve them. Get personalized technical assistance from Microsoft experts to help you apply best practices as you build and deploy your solutions. Click here to view more details.


Microsoft 365 Partner Webinars

Monthly Microsoft 365 Partner Webinars focus on Microsoft 365 topics that span Office, Windows, and EMS. Our goal is to provide you with all the appropriate sales and technical tools and resources you need to support customers and build successful practice areas.

Each webinar—comprised of Web-based sales and technical training—features top Microsoft practice area experts, who will share information about how you can strategically develop and grow your practice.


Adopting Microsoft 365 Security Management

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places a spotlight on regulatory compliance, but there are dozens of data protection regulations across the globe that also need to be addressed by Microsoft partners. Join us for this technical webinar, we will explore Microsoft’s approach to tracking and responding to data privacy and data protection regulations.


Data & Artificial Intelligence


Azure SQL Data Warehouse Workshop

This is your chance to learn more about SQL Data Warehouse, the cost-efficient data warehouse designed for enterprise analytics so that you can best serve your customers. We’re excited to announce the workshop at the following locations:

Montreal: September 16th, 2019

Ottawa: September 18th, 2019


Microsoft Intelligent Edge: Azure Stack, HCI and Data Box Edge.. oh my! – On-demand

Join us for this recorded session to better understand the differences and use cases for Azure Stack, Azure Stack HCI, and Data Box Edge.


From Data to AI: Webinar Series

On-demand webinar series to learn how you can improve Security, Data Governance and Information Quality with SQL server 2017 and Azure SQL services.


Technical journeys equal success

Join us on a technical journey to build your technical capabilities. Let us guide you through a simplified mix of technical webinars and personalized technical consultations to help you accelerate sales and solutions, click here for more details.


Amplify your Data & AI practice with deep learning

Are you looking to deliver advanced business intelligence to your customers? You’re encouraged to attend these new technical webinars to optimize your Data & AI technical knowledge. These webinars are presented by Microsoft Partner Technical Consultants and are available to you at no cost as a Partner Network member!


News and Special Offers


Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft has launched a robust certifications program and initiative that outlines the different certification paths available for partners to accelerate their cloud journey. Follow along with our latest and greatest certification updates here.


Microsoft Practice Development Playbooks

To help partners grow their profitability and businesses, Microsoft has invested in developing thorough partner development playbooks. They can be seen here.


Microsoft Baseline Events

Microsoft Canada has launched a new initiative known as Microsoft Baseline Events! These events will help train our partners on our cloud technology across Azure, Modern Workplace, and Business Applications. Stay tuned for more information as we finalize the schedule!