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Canadian Microsoft Inspire

Connect with partners, industry leaders, and Microsoft experts globally, and get the most of Microsoft Inspire this year.


Why Microsoft Inspire + Microsoft Ready together?


Toby Richards, GM, Partner Programs from Microsoft, summarises the true opportunities this co-location brings:

  • Shared Corenote Featuring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: During the concluding Corenote, both Microsoft employees and partners will hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella deliver the same message at the same time, helping ensure we’re all aligned to our strategic direction going into the new fiscal year.
  • Shared Area Celebrations: with both partners and employees in attendance, these shared sessions help facilitate the building of connections between Microsoft employees and partners at a region-specific level.
  • Area General Sessions: learning and networking enablement opportunities can be found at shared Microsoft employee and partner Area General Sessions, which will include provide insight into region specific Go-To-Market strategies, local programs and roadmaps, and much more.
  • A special shared One Celebration: both Microsoft employees and partners will all come together for our One Celebration, a highly anticipated evening of fun featuring entertainment by an internationally-acclaimed, Grammy-winning musical artist. You can find out more by visiting the Microsoft Inspire home page and logging in using your Microsoft Partner Network ID.

In addition to these great “experiential” moments, what’s perhaps most exciting is the potential that is created in bringing our Microsoft staff together with you to build and foster new relationships, to explore new partnering opportunities and most importantly, build joint plans together for the year ahead to drive our mutual business. For those of you that focus exclusively on the Canadian market, you’ll have access to our Canadian teams. And for those that may be looking for opportunities to expand internationally, you will equally have access to our global employees, in the same venues, for the first time ever! Read more


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