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What is the difference between Microsoft Inspire & IMPACT Awards

This is a common question with Microsoft partners in Canada. The short answer is, they are different and all Canadian partners can submit for both. 

Microsoft Inspire Partner Awards

  • MPN Partner of the Year Awards
  • Available to all MPN partners globally
  • Includes the Country Partner of the Year Award (there is one specifically for Canada)
  • Partners can submit for more than one award (actually, it's encouraged)
  • Award submission tool opened Feb.28, 2019 and closes April 11, 2019 - note, please select "Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards - Microsoft Inspire" when visiting the submission tool
  • For more information and to submit for an award, go to https://partner.microsoft.com/en-CA/inspire/awards 

Canada IMPACT Awards

  • Available exclusively to Canadian MPN Partners
  • 23 awards in total, unique to Canada
  • Partners can submit for more than one award (encouraged)
  • Separate criteria, guidelines, deadlines (than the other awards)
  • Same submission tool: Select "Microsoft Partner Impact Awards - Microsoft Canada"
  • Award submission tool will open in April (final date TBA).
  • For more information and to submit an award, or to check the launch date (coming soon) for these awards, visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/sites/impact-awards/default.aspx 

Canadian partners are encouraged to submit for multiple awards. For example, a partner could submit for the Country (Canada) Partner of the Year Award plus another Global Inspire Award as well as multiple awards within the Canada IMPACT Awards. 

For those who are interested in participating in either of these awards, I encourage you to join the upcoming webinar on March 19 that will help you write an award-winning submission. 


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The resource for Impact awards 2019 categories and criteria seems to be missing from this link: 


Can you please update or let us know where this would be available?


The awards site now has the award categories and rules posted. 


We are unable to share the final documents at this time. I will be updating the site link for the IMPACT Awards as well as posting here and communicating out in other ways, once they are available. 

I wanted to release as much info as possible, so you can at least see the direction for 2019. 

Stay tuned!