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Recommendations for Apps&Infra and Data&AI sessions for Partners @ INSPIRE

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your time in Vegas. Here are some recommendations for Apps&Infra and Data&AI sessions at Inspire with live links and details!

1. App Innovation recommended sessions
2. AI recommended sessions
3. Data Warehouse
4. Data recommended sessions
5. How to Build and Develop Data Platform Practice
6. FastTrack Azure
7. Azure sessions
8. Incentives 


1. App innovation recommended Sessions

I-AIP112 - Migrate .NET web apps and drive revenue with the new Azure App Service Migration tool 
Business outcome: Pitch innovation of ASP.NET web apps as an end goal for any workload that undergoes migration.

What does it mean to take an existing ASP,NET application to the next level and breathe new life into it so it can keep up with the speed of business today? Migration to the cloud is the first step on this journey and migrating .NET web apps to Azure is now easier than ever. In addition to leveraging any of the myriad third-party tools, the Microsoft team has recently launched a first-party assessment and migration assistant, a step-by-step guided experience that walks customers through quickly moving their application to Azure App Service.

I-AIP106 - Application innovation with Azure 

Business outcome: Understand our all-up App Innovation story and learn how to market and sell Azure App Development services.

The business world is moving into the digital space and business success depends on making best use of custom applications to communicate and interact with customers, employees and partners. Learn how the Microsoft end-to-end, platform-to-tools solution, most comprehensive compliance, and unmatched hybrid capability is pivotal in your customers’ digital transformation. In this session, we’ll also talk about market opportunities, customer scenarios and success stories, and break down Application Innovation, providing you with tools and guidance that will enable you to win with Microsoft Azure.

I-DAIP123 - Growing Azure business with Linux ecosystem innovation: Red Hat + Microsoft

Business outcome: Grow Azure business through Linux ecosystem and solutions.

Business outcome 2: Become the trusted cloud advisors for your customers.

Red Hat + Microsoft Azure = enterprise innovation! Microsoft has a strong partnership with Red Hat in multiple solutions from operating system, DevOps, containers, applications, and data. In this session, learn about partner and enterprise customers’ success stories and key learnings for Red Hat + Microsoft solutions. Also, learn about sales and marketing strategy for a new joint cloud container service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

I-DAIP232H - Azure + GitHub demystified 

Business outcome: Learn how Azure and DevOps practices and tools can open doors to new customers, broaden existing engagements, and accelerate Azure

Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub happened over a year ago. Check in here to understand from both GitHub and Microsoft how the world has evolved since then. Learn from the team what new offers are coming to market and how to position each solution to win more customers.

I-AIP101H - How Microsoft does DevOps 

Business outcome: Learn DevOps basics and see Azure DevOps in action.

DevOps is one of the hot buzzwords, but it can be hard to see past the hype. Learn how we define DevOps at Microsoft, what it actually means, how you can apply it to your own organization, and the tools Microsoft offers to help.

I-AIP202 - Winning open source customers and growing Azure opportunities with DevOps

Business outcome: Understand the Microsoft GitHub strategy and learn how to sell GitHub Enterprise and associated services.

Open source customers represent a new market for Microsoft system integrators - and DevOps can provide a path into that market. This session explains how Azure, GitHub, and DevOps practices and tools can open doors to new customers, broaden existing engagements, and accelerate Azure consumption.


2. AI recommended Sessions

I-AIP223H - Drive business with the industry-leading Azure AI knowledge mining solution
Business outcome: Build solutions leveraging Azure Search and Form Recognizer.

I-IND100 - Enable personalized care in your health accounts

Business outcome: Articulate the Microsoft point of view in healthcare and our value proposition.

Business outcome 2: Define opportunities with healthcare data interoperability, AI and Microsoft Healthcare Bot.

I-BAP202H - Grow your business by monetizing your analytics

Business outcome: Articulate how to create revenue by monetizing your analytics.

Want to know how to grow your revenue by monetizing your analytics? In this power session explore a partner case study and discover best practices on how to monetize analytics to generate revenue for your company.

I-DAIP108 - How to grow your customer opportunity in AI using AI Business School 

Business outcome: Engage customers in strategic AI conversations and skill-up your own organization in the business benefits of AI.

Business leaders are fundamental in digital transformation, and the adoption of AI is no exception. In this session we use AI Business School as a foundation to enable you to learn how to engage your customers in strategic conversations about using AI across the enterprise and also how you can skill-up your own organization on how AI can transform applications, business processes and the entire enterprise.

I-BAP212H - Real-time intelligence with omnichannel for customer service

Business outcome: Learn the steps and resources needed to develop intelligent extensions to your customer service offerings.

Learn how to extend beyond Microsoft productized AI and customer service capabilities and bring intelligence into an omnichannel customer engagement strategy using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cognitive Services, and the Bot Framework. See live demonstrations of solution scenarios that bring real-time conversation intelligence into the contact center, to drive agent productivity and enhance the customer experience.

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I-SPT115H - Unlock your organization’s most strategic asset: data 

Business outcome: Take the steps required to move beyond data siloes to create a common data platform across your organization.

Business outcome 2: Grasp foundational engineering standards that are required to ensure quality data.

You’ve been asked to come up with data to validate a new project you’re working on, but the data you need isn’t in the division you support. You track down the group who has the data you need and get authorization from the group’s data owner. Once you have access you fumble through unfamiliar tables trying to manually join disparate data sets. Does this sound frustratingly familiar? Not being able to manage data holistically is a big challenge companies face today. Priya shares guidance on how organizations can leverage the promise of AI that often falls short if the data isn’t working.

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3. Data Warehouse:

I-SPT113H - Modernize your business with connected data services

Business outcome: Describe how to make better and quicker decisions with full digital data services.

Business outcome 2: Recognize the direct actions from licensing trends that help your business to define goals.

Learn from the experts how connected data services can help you solve complex problems by modernizing your business processes. Identify how a digital data service from Microsoft allows you to communicate your customer’s licensing story in an engaging manner.


4. Data recommended Sessions Data Platform in FY20: What’s new and Azure Migration.


I-AIP205H - Drive mega services revenue by migrating SQL databases to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Business outcome: Modernize customer's data estate by migrating on-premise SQL databases to Azure in SQL Managed Instance.

SQL Database Managed Instance is the choice of customers for migrating on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure. In this session, see why customers are migrating massive amounts of databases to Managed Instance, and how they did it.

I-AIP224H - Microsoft SQL Server 2019 

Business outcome: Integrate SQL Server 2019 in your practice. 

SQL is the most popular database amongst all non-OSS databases. Join this session to learn about all the innovation we are building in the next version of our SQL Server.


I-DAIP122H - Unlocking new business with Microsoft Azure VMware Solution

Business outcome: Drive Azure revenue, migrating on-premises VMware VMs to dedicated Azure VMware nodes.

Azure VMware Solutions (AVS) is one of the latest first-party Azure services that we made available recently. Windows Server and SQL Server represent a significant portion of the workloads running on VMware today.  As we work with our customers to migrate or modernize their applications to Azure, AVS present a great incremental opportunity. AVS can help move applications and their VMs that customers choose to keep on a VMware environment due to any dependency, to Azure. Besides migration to Azure, AVS can help customers meet their datacenter expansion or disaster recovery requirements.

I-DAIP207H - Unlock new opportunities with open source databases on Azure

Business outcome: Build a practice and enrich your offerings to cover open source databases on Azure.

In this session we will discuss the opportunities to grow your business with open source databases on Azure. We will also explore key scenarios and customers stories including data migration to Azure open source databases as well as building net new applications with Azure Databases for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB.


I-AIP108 - Microsoft Azure is the #1 destination for Windows Server and SQL Server 

Business outcome: Grow your Azure migration and management business for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

Azure has a unique combination of security, savings, and hybrid capabilities that make it the best destination for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads. In this session, learn about Azure security features and best practices, Azure’s unique hybrid on-premises to cloud capabilities, and the savings you can achieve by migrating customer workloads to Azure. Find out more about Microsoft tools, resources, and programs to build your business.


I-AIP104 - Getting the most out of Migration, the #1 Azure partner opportunity in FY20

Business outcome: Define the Azure migration opportunity and know the next step to either accelerate their existing practice or start a new one.

FY20 is the year of migration and the #1 opportunity for partners! In this session learn more about the partner opportunities in cloud migration including why Azure is the best home for Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, OSS databases, SAP and VMware and more. The opportunity keeps growing and the in next 12 months, Microsoft will release a series of products, solutions, and programs that helps customers be successful and enables partners to accelerate customer success. This is the first session in the “Migrating to Azure” track and should be a key session for Azure partners.

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I-AIP110 - Grow your digital transformation practice with Azure open source and NoSQL database services

Business outcome: Understand the business opportunity for data and app development with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and NoSQL on Azure. 

Hear from Microsoft partners about best practices and lessons learned as they grew their practices and profitability with Azure’s fully-managed open source and NoSQL database services (Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL, and Azure Cosmos DB). Microsoft offers partners many opportunities for growth with strong partnership with open source communities and continued expansion of database service capabilities on Azure. Learn how to drive growth, generate demand, and achieve success for your customers with open source and NoSQL database services for app development.


5. How to Build and Develop Data Platform Practice.

I-DAIP301H - Building your data practice

Business outcome: Build a data practice

Data is potentially the biggest opportunity for the next decade. Join this session to understand how best to leverage Microsoft assets and programs to build your data practice.


I-AIP227 - Data 2025: Opportunities for growth

Business outcome: Drive data partners to extend/enrich practices across data and analytics.

Data, analytics, and AI are the next technology frontier and represent the biggest revenue opportunity for potentially the next decade. Join this session to hear an outside-in perspective from analysts, industry experts, your peers, and Microsoft on where they see the biggest opportunities.


I-DAIP238 - Driving successful data projects: Best practices

Business outcome: Recognize the importance of data fundamentals in data projects.

Data touches everyone in the organization and is potentially the hardest project for partners to execute either for customers (services partners) or internally (for ISV). In this session, learn best practices from your peers who have succesfully executed data projects.


I-AIP229 - Innovating data - Leading with Microsoft

Business outcome: Extend and enrich your practices across data and analytics.

Microsoft data platform is innovating at a fantastic pace. Join this session to learn about all of the innovation we are driving and how to take leverage the unique value proposition of our data platform to win new customers and create new revenue streams with your existing customers. Understand Microsoft partner strategy and go-to-market for the next year to best align and build a strong partnership.

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I-AIP225H - Winning with Microsoft field

Business outcome: Getting Azure Expert MSP partners to closely align with Microsoft field to win new Data & AI deals.

Understand the Microsoft field resources that are goaled on driving the data platform and how best to align with them to accelerate your business. Identify and better connect with Microsoft field sellers focused on data modernization and migration in your regions. This session guides the Azure Expert MSP partners regarding the opportunity to engage with Microsoft field resources to help them scale Data & AI engagements and customer reach for building a healthy migration pipeline.


6. FastTrack Azure is very critical for partners to leverage in FY20

  • FTA Power session – HUB, Enable pillar theater – 7/17,  3pm. Topic: FTA’s engagement model and partners’ stories.
  • FTA Partner Roundtable – by invite only – 7/16, 1 to 2pm
  • FTA booth – in the Enable pillar. 1-1 engagement with FTA team

7. Azure sessions

  • I-AIP108 - Microsoft Azure is the #1 destination for Windows Server and SQL Server
  • I-DAIP122H - Unlocking new business with Microsoft Azure VMware Solution
  • I-AIP104 - Getting the most out of Migration, the #1 Azure partner opportunity in FY20
  • I-AIP117 - Accelerate your cloud business with Microsoft and SAP
  • I-AIP202 - Winning open source customers and growing Azure opportunities with DevOps
  • I-AIP112 - Migrate .NET web apps and drive revenue with the new Azure App Service Migration tool ( and any Azure Migrate Tool Training)
  • I-DAIP237 - Accelerate your managed services revenue with Azure governance and compliance services
  • I-AIP113H - How to sell Azure security
  • I-DAIP109 - Keys to winning AI scenarios: Enterprise perspective

8. Incentives

  • Book a meeting with Ross Couldrey; Ross.Couldrey@microsoft.com or stop by Canadian Lounge.
  • We offer great backend incentives including Customer Adds incentives, QoQ growth% and migration incentives, don’t miss this opportunity to know how to increase your profitability with Microsoft Azure Incentives.