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Data Platform: Most inportant sessions at Inspire

Goint to Inspire? Interested in Microsoft Data solutions? 

Please find below most important session to prioritize for  Data Platform business.

  • Part 1. Data Platform Solutions & Azure Migration: what’s new and top priorities for FY20
  • Part 2. Data Platform Practice: how to build and grow

Part 1. Data Platform Solutions & Azure Migration. What's new in FY20


I-AIP205H - Drive mega services revenue by migrating SQL databases to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance


Business outcome: Modernize customer's data estate by migrating on-premise SQL databases to Azure in SQL Managed Instance.

SQL Database Managed Instance is the choice of customers for migrating on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure. In this session, see why customers are migrating massive amounts of databases to Managed Instance, and how they did it.

  I-AIP224H - Microsoft SQL Server 2019


Business outcome: Integrate SQL Server 2019 in your practice.

SQL is the most popular database amongst all non-OSS databases. Join this session to learn about all the innovation we are building in the next version of our SQL Server.


I-DAIP122H - Unlocking new business with Microsoft Azure VMware Solution


Business outcome: Drive Azure revenue, migrating on-premises VMware VMs to dedicated Azure VMware nodes.

Azure VMware Solutions (AVS) is one of the latest first-party Azure services that we made available recently. Windows Server and SQL Server represent a significant portion of the workloads running on VMware today.  As we work with our customers to migrate or modernize their applications to Azure, AVS present a great incremental opportunity. AVS can help move applications and their VMs that customers choose to keep on a VMware environment due to any dependency, to Azure. Besides migration to Azure, AVS can help customers meet their datacenter expansion or disaster recovery requirements.



I-DAIP207H - Unlock new opportunities with open source databases on Azure


Business outcome: Build a practice and enrich your offerings to cover open source databases on Azure.

In this session we will discuss the opportunities to grow your business with open source databases on Azure. We will also explore key scenarios and customers stories including data migration to Azure open source databases as well as building net new applications with Azure Databases for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB.



I-AIP108 - Microsoft Azure is the #1 destination for Windows Server and SQL Server


Business outcome: Grow your Azure migration and management business for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

Azure has a unique combination of security, savings, and hybrid capabilities that make it the best destination for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads. In this session, learn about Azure security features and best practices, Azure’s unique hybrid on-premises to cloud capabilities, and the savings you can achieve by migrating customer workloads to Azure. Find out more about Microsoft tools, resources, and programs to build your business.



I-AIP104 - Getting the most out of Migration, the #1 Azure partner opportunity in FY20


Business outcome: Define the Azure migration opportunity and know the next step to either accelerate their existing practice or start a new one.

FY20 is the year of migration and the #1 opportunity for partners! In this session learn more about the partner opportunities in cloud migration including why Azure is the best home for Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, OSS databases, SAP and VMware and more. The opportunity keeps growing and the in next 12 months, Microsoft will release a series of products, solutions, and programs that helps customers be successful and enables partners to accelerate customer success. This is the first session in the “Migrating to Azure” track and should be a key session for Azure partners.

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I-AIP110 - Grow your digital transformation practice with Azure open source and NoSQL database services


Business outcome: Understand the business opportunity for data and app development with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and NoSQL on Azure.

Hear from Microsoft partners about best practices and lessons learned as they grew their practices and profitability with Azure’s fully-managed open source and NoSQL database services (Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL, and Azure Cosmos DB). Microsoft offers partners many opportunities for growth with strong partnership with open source communities and continued expansion of database service capabilities on Azure. Learn how to drive growth, generate demand, and achieve success for your customers with open source and NoSQL database services for app development.



Part 2: How to Build and Develop Data Platform Practice.

I-DAIP301H - Building your data practice


Business outcome: Build a data practice

Data is potentially the biggest opportunity for the next decade. Join this session to understand how best to leverage Microsoft assets and programs to build your data practice.



I-AIP227 - Data 2025: Opportunities for growth


Business outcome: Drive data partners to extend/enrich practices across data and analytics.

Data, analytics, and AI are the next technology frontier and represent the biggest revenue opportunity for potentially the next decade. Join this session to hear an outside-in perspective from analysts, industry experts, your peers, and Microsoft on where they see the biggest opportunities.


I-DAIP238 - Driving successful data projects: Best practices


Business outcome: Recognize the importance of data fundamentals in data projects.

Data touches everyone in the organization and is potentially the hardest project for partners to execute either for customers (services partners) or internally (for ISV). In this session, learn best practices from your peers who have succesfully executed data projects.



I-AIP229 - Innovating data - Leading with Microsoft

Business outcome: Extend and enrich your practices across data and analytics.

Microsoft data platform is innovating at a fantastic pace. Join this session to learn about all of the innovation we are driving and how to take leverage the unique value proposition of our data platform to win new customers and create new revenue streams with your existing customers. Understand Microsoft partner strategy and go-to-market for the next year to best align and build a strong partnership.

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I-AIP225H - Winning with Microsoft field


Business outcome: Getting Azure Expert MSP partners to closely align with Microsoft field to win new Data & AI deals.

Understand the Microsoft field resources that are goaled on driving the data platform and how best to align with them to accelerate your business. Identify and better connect with Microsoft field sellers focused on data modernization and migration in your regions. This session guides the Azure Expert MSP partners regarding the opportunity to engage with Microsoft field resources to help them scale Data & AI engagements and customer reach for building a healthy migration pipeline.