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Consider submitting a nomination for the Covid Response Marketing Impact Award

There are more Canada Impact Award categories this year than ever before. Selecting which ones you should submit a nomination for can be a task within itself. To help with the process, I’d like to share more information about the Covid Marketing Response Impact Award and help you to determine if it’s the right one for you.


Over the past year, as many businesses have moved their employees online, our partners (and Microsoft too) have had to re-evaluate how to best reach prospective customers. Many partners have had to go through their own marketing transformation to reach their customers and rise above all the noise of their competitors. This award is about how you have achieved just that. Rising above the challenges of Covid, to reinvent your marketing and execute a successful campaign.


This award is aligned with the Community Response award. When submitting your nomination, you should also include the way in which you’ve adapted your marketing to help solve challenges for your customers and community during the Covid-19 pandemic.


This means you are submitting for up to three awards in one. Here’s what I mean.

  1. Read the guidelines and submit for the Community Response Partner of the Year Award.
  2. Read the guidelines for the Covid Response Marketing Impact Award and add that marketing component into that same submission.
  3. Ensure you include a Canada customer story in the same submission to have the best chance at the Community Response Impact Award.
  4. Click on “ ” when submitting your nomination, to ensure your nomination gets picked up in Canada for not only the Partner of the Year Award (Global award), but also the two Impact Awards for Canada (Covid Response Marketing Impact Award + Community Response Impact Award).


Your one entry will now give you a chance at three awards!


When submitting your nomination, be sure to align your response to the guidance provided in the  document:

  • Partners should identify their target audience, objectives, and budget for the marketing campaign. Describe the campaign, highlighting areas of innovation (and providing relevant assets) and detailing the campaign key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • The successful submission for this award will demonstrate target attainment, business impact and measurable ROI (in particular pipeline and revenue generated). Successful entrants will also demonstrate business insights and lessons learned from the campaign execution.


If you are looking for more information to maximize your chance at a win, then make sure you read through and address all the judging criteria laid out in the award rules document. For the Covid Marketing Impact Award, it is as follows:



a.       Describe your target audience, objectives and budget of the marketing campaign.

b.       Describe the campaign, highlighting areas of innovation and/or agility.

c.       Provide campaign assets/samples, including links to articles published, case studies, videos, digital assets, and/or customer stories, etc., which were part of the campaign.

This category is worth 40% of the overall judging criteria.


a.       Describe how Microsoft technologies were featured in your campaign.

b.       Outline the way in which the campaign generated leads, new business or increased usage of Microsoft technologies.

This category is worth 10% of the overall judging criteria.


a.       Detail the campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the results of the campaign against those KPIs.

b.       Demonstrate the way in which the campaign delivered business impact and measurable ROI.

c.       What insights or learnings have you taken from the campaign? Is your campaign framework repeatable, and do you plan to leverage it for other Microsoft campaigns?

This category is worth 50% of the overall judging criteria.


Note, there are different judging criteria for the Community Response Impact Award, so ensure you read the rules from start to finish.


We are looking forward to seeing your nominations and hopefully will see you on the (virtual) podium this year!


Resources: Impact Awards site