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Where do you stand on Facebook?

Wondering what people think about Facebook as a partner marketing vehicle. We haven't used it with any kind of frequency or consistency and there's an internal debate about the merits of FB in a B2B environment. I'd also love to see examples if you come across anything that looks compelling (whether or not it's in tech/the Microsoft community).

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We are at the same page as @chriswright. We use Facebook to generate brand awarness and share some content but we don't really use it for direct leads b2b, and even though it's not our main source of leads we have seen that it is good to have it cause ocasionally it generates some sales.



For organic: Trials work well and tips and tricks with GIFs have really good engagement. 
For Paid:  Tips and tricks work well. 

Also, we've seen that webinars and events, in particular for IT Pro, perform the best when we boost organic posts as opposed to created a dark sponsored post and they also perform best on fridays going into the weekend. 

In this link here you can see some other insighs that can give you more ideas.   



We use it with a bunch of Microsoft (and other tech) partners, though mainly for brand awareness style campagins rather than direct lead gen. As ever the first thing to ask yourslef, when selecting a chanel, is what is the pay off for you and the receipant of the ad.