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What does storytelling mean to you?


Tell us how you celebrate and highlight your customers’ successes, and how you share their digital transformation with your community. 


Also, If you missed out the first in a webinar series last month about Storytelling,  click below to watch the webinar on-demand.  Hear our Storytelling lead from Microsoft Canada and the 2018 IMPACT Award winner for Marketing Innovation: WebSan Solutions Inc, talking about why storytelling is a key marketing topic and learn about best practices and tips on how to better incorporate storytelling into your communications strategy,  

Whatch the session here: https://note.microsoft.com/CA-NOGEP-WBNR-FY19-10Oct-02-ThePowerofStorytellinginyourMarketing-MPW0006246_Registration.html 


Storytelling is a key component in modern marketing! Capturing your customers' stories and bringing them to your audiences will drive traffic to your website - and then to your your products/solutions. Your customers are far more interesting, and often more trustworthy, than yourself. When you do this right you will rise in organic search and we all know that potential customers make the bulk of their buying journey without you knowing that they're out there.

Storytelling can be done in writing but why not spice it up by doing it in video too! You don't need a fancy video production but suggest that you invest in a decent microphone and that someone edits before you publish.

Have fun -  and let's tell more stories!


Regards, Per