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Steps to better webinars


Do you need to improve the performance of your webinars? 

Let's share some steps to improving the performance of your webinars. Share your thoughts on these tips and add what's missing. 


5 steps to improving the performance of your webinars


Step 1: Marketing strategy: Answer to the following questions: Who’s your audience? What do you want these people to do? When’s the best time/day to reach them? Where is it hosted, what platform will you be using, what features are available? And where should you promote it?. Ask yourself, “Why would these people register for my webinar? - This last questions is key! See more here

Step 2: Content strategy: Give them a reason to register, find a creative way to position your webinar and create a content follow-through. See more here

Step 3: Campaigning: Identify the right channels where your audience could be reach at, define one single and simple call to action, and start promoting your webinar across your channels no less than 4 weeks prior to the event.  Advertise if possible by using quality imagery and copy- Do A/B testing (this is the best way to learn what's working. Use Newsletters and Ad Hoc emails as channels to drive registrations. Ask you sales team to invite the audience- One on One invitations are most likely to be read and accepted. 

Step 4: Event experience: Be creative on your speech, keep your presentation simple, elegant, intelligent, confident, and concise,  and remember... Offer (don’t just sell). Ask questions, ask for feedback, try to drive an interactive webinar so that people stay engaged and don't drop earlier. 

Step 5: Measurement: Try offering your webinar on multiple days and times, and let the results tell you what time of week works best for your audience. Track all channels and promotional efforts such as advertising, social media, email, and any other activity to compare which one is driving the best results. Go back to your poll questions and always learn from the feedback provided. 







Your point on measurement is so true, and often missed. Very helpful. Thanks.

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Great advice Andrea! I think this works for webinars but also for in person events. Thanks for sharing!


@AnonymousGlad to hear you like it!, and yeah, you are right, this applies to in-person events as well.