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Asking Support for Marketing Campaign



BiSemA Corp is going to the NeoCon Exhibition (www.neocon.com) to introduce its SaaS Application built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Azure to more than 92,000 Office furniture dealers in June – 2022 in Chicago, IL. The marketing campaign aims to sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central license.


BiSemA is an indirect reseller for Microsoft products that did not have any marketing campaign experience. www.sherweb.com is BiSemA's direct provider but is not interested in helping, and due to this, BiSemA is willing to switch to a provider that supports the campaign.

The Microsoft Go to Market sites have helpful information, but I needed guidance and no support.


Microsoft products are coming to the NeoCon Exhibition platform for the first time, and it is an excellent place to introduce Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Office 365 for the Office Furniture Industry.


Would you please help me share the right department that helps me with the marketing campaign to introduce the Microsoft products at NeoCon?

Please help

Thank you


Semegne Tafesse


Toronto, Canada
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Thank you.


I created a Microsoft Support ticket and waiting to get guidance

Toronto, Canada
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@BiSemA_Corp, I would say that if Sherweb isn't actively supporting you as your indirect provider, you could definitely:

  1. Look to change provider. Talk to some of the other big names Like Ingram and pointedly grill them as to what support they will provide to you.
  2. Talk to MS directly. A word from the right folks at MS to Sherweb may very well spur a significant change in attitude