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10 Ways to Improve Your B2B Email Marketing


Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. But to succeed at it, you must be organized, detail oriented, and adventurous enough to stand out through the clutter and get real traction. Here are 10 ways to make your email marketing more successful. Feel free to add anything you feel I am missing, or any best practice you want to share 🙂 


1. Respect your audience
As one of the most wired countries in the world, email marketing in Canada evolved significantly in the last two decades. Canadian professionals have high expectations and very little patience for random acts of email. So, make sure your emails come from a legitimate business email address—yours.

2. Stop “blasting” everyone
Segment your target audiences instead. Audiences fall within groups that share something in common–that’s considered a segment or cluster. By segmenting your customer base, you can prepare content, special offers, and articles that will get their attention, get higher levels of engagement, and deliver value.

3. Personalize your content
Make your emails more relevant by personalizing your content to each recipient. Gather intelligence about your target audience’s preferences, hobbies, consumption habits, etc. With this information, you can evolve your marketing efforts and deliver a more persuasive pitch.

4. Use CRM & social listening
Microsoft partners can take advantage of best-in-class tools, such as Dynamics 365. You can use these apps to manage, communicate, transact, and nurture your prospects and customers. Or do some social listening, to better understand your target audiences’ activity on social networks.

5. Survey your customers
Don’t forget your customers! You can send them a survey to determine their communication preferences. Depending on the questions you ask in your survey, you may find your customers prefer email for a certain type of information, like special offers, newsletters, or blog posts on specific topics.

The more data you collect about your target audience, the more you can personalize your email and other communication.

6. Test & learn
Start out small. A test-and-learn approach to email marketing allows for ongoing improvement. Select a small number of customers from each segment to receive an email and test items such as subject line, messaging, images, and other items BEFORE you with a bigger list:

7. Measure properly
Most email marketers know about open and click-thru rates. For newbies, keep in mind that the engagement rate of an email campaign is calculated by dividing the number of click-thrus by the number emails opened (not emails delivered). The higher the engagement rate, the more successful the campaign.

8. Build your lists
For obvious reasons, house lists outperform rented lists by a significant margin. If you don’t already have your own list, you can rent one. However, building your own list may not be as hard as you think. Many companies use contests, promotions, and special offers to earn a customer’s email address.

9. Get creative
Speaking of which, creative makes all the difference. Keep your emails short. Avoid cliché and tech jargon. Use compelling subject lines, headlines, and messaging. Use evocative visuals that capture the eye, not stiff, boring stock photos. And make sure you have one, clear, crisp call to action!

10. Obey the law

To operate within the law, before you send an email to an email address the recipient must first consent/opt-in. Additionally, your business must identify itself, include an unsubscribe link that works, and provide truthful information only. (In short, they don’t want you to send spam!)

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This is a great post. Email done well is a super valid channel. Channels are just the vessel, all have a role. The message is key. 

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Awesome post, it’s always good to think about the clients way-of-view! 

A lot of companies build lists based off NEW & OLD clients. Others build lists based off other things. Ultimately, the lists you build should be specific to your business or industry, and should be designed toward a specific objective

Level 6 Contributor

In spite off the exponential growth of digital technologies and the great performance of several communication tools like phone, skype and lync, email Marketing has a bright future ahead. One of its main quality is its durability, someone can view and review the content in order to have on it a very net and clear opinion.


Great article! I believe that emails are a vital part of content marketing - it serves a purpose and less is more (i.e. better to send fewer emails instead of being to eager to press the send button to often...).


Regards, Per

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Great post! I think the most important point would be to build lists according to the different messages you want to get across and also identifying your audience according to your goals. Email marketing can be a great tool if used properly.