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10 Marketing Do's

Working on your marketing plans for the new year? Looking to take your marketing to the next level? Check out these marketing "do's". Share your thoughts on these tips and add what's missing. 

10 marketing DO’s

  1. Develop a plan – Plan your year and work your plan. Make sure you have an integrated marketing strategy that identifies your objectives, audiences, and communication channels.
  2. Be true to your brand – Spark more excitement and loyalty from your customers with quality branding. Create a unique and audience-relevant personality and go for it.
  3. Keep the demand engine running – Advertise. Advertise. Advertise! It sounds obvious, but stay visible to your audience. Search and display ads generate leads – it works. 
  4. Run promotions- Amplify your marketing with smart promotional activities like special offers, value-added managed services, or software + device bundles.
  5. Focus on digital – While traditional marketing channels (TV, magazines, radio) work, they swallow budgets whole. Stick to digital marketing; put more time and investment in creating a great user experience on your website.
  6. Use social media- Take advantage of the massive popularity of social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out this recent post.
  7. Lure them with content- Create and share intellectual property, like ebooks, webinars, and blog posts. Many companies advertise and “gate” their original content to qualify leads.
  8. Think mobile first- Make sure everything you publish—from your website to your ads—look great and are optimized for phones, tablets, and desktops.
  9. Measure everything – From email open rates to the bounce rate of your homepage, draw insights from the data you collect from campaigns, promotions and search.
  10. Work with experts – There’s enormous value in expertise. A marketing agency with a reputation for communication strategy, can help you reach your marketing and sales objectives.

Love this list. Number 9 is the big one for me. If you can't measure it how do you know it is working? And how do you improve it. The great thing today is digital marketing offers zero excuses to not be measuring everything! Then you have tools like PowerBI (and the good old Excel Pivot table) to help understand the data.

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Measuring is a fun one. Especially when we use so many different ways to communicate the same message (ie: social, email, digital). It's making sure that you are spending time looking at the data on a whole, as well as the individual activities. Getting the big picture as to what gets the best traction. And test, test, test. 

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Good list! Having a good foundation in a marketing plan and staying true to your brand are key aspects to achieving your marketing and sales goals.


Great list! Lot of opportunity with content driven digital marketing (which includes social media)! Spending more and spending wiser will give you great results!