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Solutions Partner Scoring

After attending two MCPP training sessions, and reading the documentation under Solutions Partner in Partner Center, Introduction to the Solutions partner program - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs I still have questions about how scoring works.

Are there plans to provide training sessions that focus specifically and in detail on scoring requirements, eligibility and how to read the reports?  For example, understanding monthly consumption values, criteria for deployments,  baselines etc. etc. 


I understand that some partners may be fully familiar with the topic, but for those of us who are not, it would be really helpful, and save time submitting support tickets to get clarification on why certain customers are not being counted towards scoring.


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I've submitted a ticket in this as well, and scoring is all sorts of messed up. I simply don't have enough time and resources to pursue it further than I have.

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@JanoschUlmer ?  Thank you for all your help in the community btw. Much appreciated. 💪