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Requirements to resell and support GCC in CSP Direct Bill program

Office 365 validation for government workers (


I understand the process of signing up as a GCC CSP partner and verifying customers for GCC. 

What are the requirements for support staff for these customers? Does the support staff need to reside in the USA? Can a US Citizen that is FBI background checked but residing in another country be able to support these customers? 

Is there a document somewhere that details out the support requirements for GCC customers? I haven't found one yet. 

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Just my $0.02 but I always considered the GCC tag to be more about the physical location of the servers/data and meeting certain regulatory guidelines.  @JanoschUlmer's links will also help.


In my understanding Microsoft does not state explicit requirements in the MPA Partners sign when enrolling as GCC CSP Partner - at least I could not find anything in this regard in a copy of the MPA I have (Please let your legal/Compliance team check the agreement that is eventually presented to you when you apply). 

There are certainly requirements, but those are defined by the government agencies themselves, in the applicable compliance standards and regulations -  like ITAR, CJIS policies etc.. In other words, for your support staff you need determine yourself how to fulfill the requirements of those governments and applicable regulations for support personel. E.g. Microsoft does assurance screened staff running the cloud environment, but does not state that support agents are located in US: 

Office 365 GCC customer support is provided under the same terms and conditions offered to Worldwide versions of Office 365, including no support agent physical location or citizenship assurances

Kind regards, Janosch
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