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COVID-19 response: Connect with partners

Share your experiences and solutions with other partners about how you're supporting your business and customers in response to COVID-19.

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VIrtual Networking Opportunities during the COVID Response?

Hi Folks,


I am interested to see if there are any Virtual Networking events or ideas for such events within the Microsoft ecosystem.  I am looking for new business development opportunities with other partners, as well as opportunities to bring awareness of our Azure and 0365 skills offerings to new customers.


Any thoughts appreciated,



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La Covid 19 est une opportunité de développer les solutions technologiques surtout en Afrique. Je souhaite développer les partenariats avec les potentiels investisseurs qui veulent se diversifier. 

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Hello Barry


   Its a pleasure to connect with you,I provide cloud sales and services  through  www.trycloudcomputing.com

   I am 25 years experienced IT cloud consultant,I offer my services remotely at an hourly rate.

Please let me know for any collaboration opportunities





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Even companies that were resistant to the concept of a distributed workforce have been forced to allow working from home, so work can still be done while taking precautions to halt the spread of the virus. According to a survey by Workhuman, only a third of people in the United States worked for home before the pandemic. Twitter and other large organizations encouraged their employees to work from home, and other companies such as Google and JPMorgan were building remote working policies in the event they needed to shift work home.