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COVID-19 response: Connect with partners

Share your experiences and solutions with other partners about how you're supporting your business and customers in response to COVID-19.


How are you helping your customers respond to COVID-19?

As the world continues to work through the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses have a key role in supporting customers and communities. We’ve seen our partners deliver innovative solutions using Microsoft technologies that solve tough problems for those in need and provide value during difficult times.

It’s never been more important to collaborate and share ideas, so we want to know how your business is innovating to respond to COVID-19. Share your experience supporting your business and customers with our Partner Community.


For more resources and information on responding to COVID-19, visit our Partner Network COVID-19 response guide: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/connect/covid-19-response



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We analyze COVID-19 Twitter conversation in a nearly real-time refreshed Power BI report. You can learn what’s happening about the COVID-19 outbreak through Social Media Listening and overcome this current crisis and come out strong on the other side. Application link: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/power-bi/crossregionstechnology1586689571381.socialfeels?tab=Overview


Per, thanks for posting the reference site. The sprint to the cloud is picking up speed. Those who can join us at Inspire 2020 will get a chance to mix with those that are the drivers for change.  Together we will thrive and survive during these times. The registration link is here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/inspire


At Inspire my firm will be speaking about the need for better communication controls to address security needs of inbound emailed threats.

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We are helping our customers with video analytics and mask detection algorithms in crowded areas, enhanced by Azure and our SkyLab IoT solutions.





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