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COVID-19 response: Connect with partners

Share your experiences and solutions with other partners about how you're supporting your business and customers in response to COVID-19.


Covid19 Impact from an ISV perspective

Hi All, 


As we continue to follow the COVID-19 development and its’ impact on our society and economics. I wanted to share some of my topics that surround the business development and Microsoft relations that I see will at least have an impact on us as an ISV moving forward in the next MS fiscal year.


As a prioritized IP-co-sell ready partner within the eco-system, we scale our business in various ways with and together with MS and partner – however as we now see indications to come (in Sweden and Germany) we also understand that our GTM will be most likely impacted – not in the short-run as we work with Teams Live event and video – we believe video is the new norm.  We as a company will most likely see spillover effects towards our services, however, I wanted to see if any of other partners see the following:


Rise of nationalization of corporations?  

As an ISV within Azure we haven’t embarked on the public/gov cloud offering – however with changes in the next 4-6 months -up to a 1 year – should we go this path?


Any chance to discuss the implications it may have on a GTM approach with MS?  The road to the public sector and gov is indeed very different from scaling with MS on Enterprise and SMB, even that of partners.  

What I see now may at least for some of us ISVs (and other partners) become a fundamental game-changer that may impact at least ISV or any other start-up standpoint - and our ability to even focus more on creating a crisp, strong value proposition to go above and beyond into the P2P motion. 


Would welcome a discussion on this topic, if someone is interested?

Thank you

Ati Serpoushan, VP of Microsoft and 0365 Partners for Hive Streaming

Good day @atiserp ,


Thanks a lot for this intro and invitation for conversation!
To add in, I would like to share here the GTM resources mentioned in Gavriella`s letter to partners: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/solutions/marketing-resource-hub that are also available here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/connect/covid-19-response.

Kind regards,