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How is Microsoft Helping Organizations Cope Up with The COVID Crisis?

With the sudden call for lock-down, there has been a paradigm shift in the work life of corporate employees and business entrepreneurs. Now the new norm mostly surrounds video calls/conferences, online group chats/meetings, virtual employee onboardings, and last but not the least virtual training for employee upskilling. However, the way companies have adapted this sudden change cannot be ignored. It is overwhelming to see how they are migrating to remote working technologies to sustain their businesses in this crisis period. Moreover, they are also getting ready for the post-pandemic comeback.

What All Transformations Are Taking Place?


Businesses are readily adapting tech innovations like Cloud, AI, IoT, and edge to shape the future of automation and mobility. Market forerunners like ZF, Faurecia, and LG Electronics have already automated their businesses using Microsoft Azure cloud and Artificial Intelligence. This has dropped down their extra expenses thereby boosting the profit.


CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella shared his views on how the company is supporting retail companies with online tools, smarter ways to better understand consumers, creating a stronger supply chain through co-innovation, and more.
  • The list includes businesses such as IKEA that successfully deployed Microsoft Teams training to increase the productivity of more than 70,000 workers.
  • H&M can now offer cutting-edge garment recycling bins in some of its global stores, after using Azure IoT. This way, the company has ensured the fashion industry a sustainable future.
  • Canada Goose, one of the world's leading luxury-performance apparel manufacturers, has developed the endless aisle concept by implementing Dynamics 365. It helped the firm showcase the entire product range to its customers without the need for any physical stock in the store.
  • The multinational company Samsung also announced the launch of its new android with a push-to-talk feature, which will also incorporate the current Walkie Talkie feature available in Microsoft Teams. This functionality will help first-line professionals such as retail workers to easily communicate on the job.

How is The World Combating with the COVID-19 Pandemic?

It is undeniably impressive how innovation and workforce upskilling that has made the world stronger to fight back the global pandemic crisis using technology as its biggest shield.

  • The healthcare industry is using Microsoft technologies on the forefront to scale up the medical support systems to handle the huge number of patients and add flexibility to the system.
  • Furthermore, telemedicine providers are also not behind in accepting the new technologies, so that health care centers can proceed with their trouble-free treatment offerings.
  • Schools and universities are increasingly implementing professional development plans for Microsoft Teams to facilitate virtual learning so that students can continue their classes remotely.
  • Owing to COVID 's unexpected outbreak the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) immediately declared that most of its employees would be operating remotely. They created a Commercial Virtual Remote Environment (CVR) by implementing Microsoft Teams and Office 365 so that all teleworking networks are secured across the department.

  What’s Next?

For every functional organization, their employees are their soldiers. Upskilling their professional attributes with the latest technology developments of Microsoft will build the path of progress and business continuity for you.