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Very first step to getting started as a Microsoft partner?

This week, we started a new venture building an industry ISV app on the Microsoft Business Applications platform.

I've been in the Microsoft partner ecosystem for 13 years. I've been a Microsoft MVP for 10 years. How hard could it be?

To register with MPN, according to the instructions provided by the Business Applications ISV Connect team's guide, I need to register for a Microsoft work account at https://signup.live.com. Then I need to use that email address to register with MPN.

Of course, signup.live.com is for creating Microsoft personal accounts (e.g. outlook.com). MPN only allows people to sign up if they already have an Office 365 account.

I'm launching a startup and want to access benefits such as a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription, so I had to buy an Office 365 subscription so that I could buy MAPS to get another Office 365 subscription.

With a nasty catch-22, it's no wonder Microsoft has such a hard time recruiting AWS, Google and Salesforce partners to MPN.


I'm sorry that you have made this experience - you don't actually need to buy any license to create a Work account, you can actually create one when signing up as Partner if you have any working email adress using a custom company domain: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/membership


Also there are other options to create a work account for free - like signing up for Azure, or joining the Office 365 developer program: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/developer-program/office-365-developer-program 






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That link is broken now, I assume it will get fixed one day, this one might get you that information:


Sign up for Partner Network to learn more on products and service offerings.



for details on reselling products and services also check www.techdata.com and www.ingrammicro.com