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Cloud Advocate Content Highlights (Week of 8/30)

Microsoft's Cloud Advocates help every technologist, from those in enterprises or startups, to succeed and do what they love: write, code, and learn. They engage developers and others in the software ecosystem to further technical education and proficiency within the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform. Cloud Advocates meet with developers around the world through talks, demos, and engagement in technical communities. Please check out the latest Cloud Advoacy content highlights below for the week of 8/30:



Cloud Advocate 


Topics & Technologies 

DevSlop Chat about Securing Azure Storage

Tanya Janca (Twitter: @shehackspurple)


Burke Holland (Twitter: @burkeholland)


Cecil Phillip (Twitter: @cecilphillip)

Tanya Janca from the DevSlop team hosted a live Twitter Chat about how to secure web apps hosted in Azure Storage, with guests Burke Holland and Cecil Phillip!


Burke and Cecil talk through their web app - the urlist.com - and how to protect it from vulnerabilities, plus what static sites really are and general security best practices.


Check it out!

Identity + Security, Web, Azure Storage, Security, Azure Front Door

How inclusive is your hack?

Daisy Chaussee (Twitter: @daisychaussee)

Inclusion should be a priority for all events, especially hackathons. This blog post, adapted from a conference presentation, walks through how to make your hackathon more inclusive and focuses on the necessity of a Code of Conduct.

Students, Startups, Diversity & Inclusion

ANNOUNCEMENT: Azure Storage Support for NestJS 🚀

Wassim Chegham (Twitter: @manekinekko)

This short video celebrates the launch of the Azure Storage library for the NestJS framework. In less than 45 seconds, you'll get a quick intro of what it is, how it works, and where to start exploring.

Open Source, Azure Storage, JavaScript, Node.js

Have you tried ML.NET?

Shayne Boyer (Twitter: @spboyer)

ML.NET is an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework made for .NET developers -- and the team's keen to get your feedback as they add more features and make improvements.


Shayne invites developers to explore the product and to tell the team about their experiences and needs.

AI + Machine Learning, Open Source, .NET

Exploring Blazor

Jeremy Likness (Twitter: @jeremylikness)

There’s been a ton of buzz in the .NET community lately around Blazor.


Unlike many hyped technologies however, Blazor seems to have earned the attention - in part by delivering a solution that gives C# developers what they want, but doing so in a way that relied on open web standards.


In this blog post and session recording, Jeremy Likeness goes deeper into what Blazor is, how it works and how you can use it to build web apps.

Web, Developer Tools, .NET, Web Assembly (WASM)

Julien Dubois on Deploying Spring Boot Microservices on Azure

Julien Dubois (Twitter: @juliendubois)

Julien Dubois is heading to the VoxxedDays Microservices conference to talk about Spring Boot and microservices in October.


Read this quick interview to get his take on microservices and a preview of what he's planning to cover in his session.

Cloud Computing (General), Monitoring, Spring, Microservices, Azure

How to Install WSL 2 on Windows Server

Thomas Maurer (Twitter: @thomasmaurer)

With the recent Windows Server Insider Preview build 18945 release, you can install Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2) on Windows Server.


In this post, Thomas recaps what's new and how to get started.

Compute + Serverless, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows Server, Windows 10, Linux, Hyper-V, Ubuntu

Cloud Native Security; Explained

Tanya Janca (Twitter: @shehackspurple)

Get a whirlwind intro to securing cloud computing and various new cloud security tactics.


In this new and interactive talk, Tanya Janca explains how security is different ‘in the cloud’, Cloud Native, Zero Trust, Serverless, Just In Time (access management), and more.


...including how to secure them.

Cloud Computing (General), Identity + Security, Cloud-Native, Azure Key Vault

Using Preview Versions of .NET Core with App Center Build

Brandon Minnick (Twitter: @thecodetraveler)

App Center is a great tool for building, testing, releasing and monitoring apps, but what if we want to use a preview version of .NET Core?


In this blog post, Brandon Minnick shares how to write a script that installs the version of .NET Core you need, update your Build configurations, and get started.

Developer Tools, DevOps, Mobile, .NET Core, Mobile Development, Visual Studio App Center

MJFChat: Security-hardening Windows Server

Orin Thomas (Twitter: @orinthomas)

Orin Thomas, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, joins Mary Jo Foley to discuss security hardening Windows Server.


Windows Server ships in a mostly secure configuration, but Microsoft has to balance security with backwards compatibility. Thomas has some ideas about things you can do to tighten the security of your Windows Server deployment -- listen in to hear his take and recommendations.

Identity + Security, Windows Server