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Cloud Advocate Content Highlights (Week of 7/12)

Microsoft's Cloud Advocates help every technologist, from those in enterprises or startups, to succeed and do what they love: write, code, and learn. They engage developers and others in the software ecosystem to further technical education and proficiency within the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform. Cloud Advocates meet with developers around the world through talks, demos, and engagement in technical communities. Please check out the latest Cloud Advoacy content highlights below for the week of 7/12:



Cloud Advocate 


Topics & Technologies 

How to create an Ubuntu VM on Windows 10 

Thomas Maurer  

(Twitter: @ThomasMaurer) 


Windows 10 is not just a modern desktop operating system, and it also has some great IT Pro and Developer related features build in. One of them is client Hyper-V. This is the same hypervisor which powers virtualization in Windows Server and the Microsoft Azure datacenters. With Hyper-V, you can create virtual machines running on Windows 10, without the need for third-party software. You can not just run Windows virtual machines, and you can also run Linux virtual machines. In this blog post, Thomas is going to show you how you can create an Ubuntu VM on Windows 10 using Hyper-V. 

Linux VMs, Windows VMs, Windows 10, Ubuntu, Hyper-V 

Build a Web VR game with JavaScript using the BabylonJS Framework 


Cassie Siljander 

(Twitter: @Cassieview) 


In this tutorial, learn step by step how to build a web VR game with BabylonJS, TypeScript, Node.js, VS Code and Webpack. 

Spatial Computing, VR, Game Development, JavaScript/Node.js, VS Code 

Adding live documentation to YOUR REST API with Swagger and Nest.js 


Chris Noring 

(Twitter: @softchris) 


In his article Chris describes how to add Swagger to your Nest.js project to provide live documentation, that gets updated through Swagger as your code changes. 

API Development, Swagger, JavaScript 



Chloe Condon 

(Twitter: @Chloe_Condon) 


In this blog post Chloe Condon will walk you through how to use Microsoft Azure Bot Services to create a simple chatbot using minimal programming, Twilio, and a Word Doc. This post is part 1 of a series on how to create various bots that can be built using Azure, with varying difficulty. 

Azure Bot Service 

Deploying a Spring Boot + MongoDB application to Azure Web Apps + CosmosDB 


Julien Dubois 

(Twitter: @juliendubois) 


This study uses a normal Spring Boot and MongoDB application, and deploys it to Azure Web Apps and CosmosDB. It provides many performance tests, in order to better understand the expected behavior and pricing of the application under high load. 

Spring Boot, Java, Azure Web Apps, Databases, Azure Cosmos DB 

.NET Documentation Monthly Update (dotnet sub-Reddit) 


.NET Documentation Monthly Update (csharp sub-Reddit) 



Maxime Rouiller 

(Twitter: @MaximRouiller) 


For the next 3 months, Maxime will share the latest .NET Microsoft docs updates with the .NET and C# subreddits - making it easy to learn about new releases, updates, and general improvements. 

.NET, C#, Documentation 

Azure Bastion - Access your Azure virtual servers without a public open RDP port 


Sonia Cuff 

(Twitter: @SoniaCuff) 


This blog post on IT Ops Talk adds context to official product launch announcement post & directs traffic to technical documentation. It covers why you'd use Azure Bastion then details the lessons Sonia learnt implementing it. 

Networking + Content Delivery, Azure Bastion, Virtual Machines 

Auto ML Forecasting Orange Juice Sales (Hands-on Lab) 


Francesca Lazzeri  

(Twitter: @frlazzeri) 


In this interactive code lab, Cloud Advocate Francesca Lazzeri walks you through a tutorial that shows you how to use AzureML's automated machine learning service with the University of Chicago's "Dominick's Finer Foods" dataset, to forecast orange juice sales. 
The tutorial walks you through the process of creating an experiment in an existing workspace, instantiating an AutoMLConfig finding and training a forecasting model using local compute, and finally evaluating the performance of the trained model. 

AI + Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learning Service, Azure Notebooks 

How to manage local users and groups using PowerShell 


Orin Thomas 

(Twitter: @orinthomas) 


In this article, Orin outlines how to manage local users and groups on Windows Server using PowerShell 

IT Pro, Windows Server, Compute, PowerShell 

Migrate from Medium to Hugo 


Jeremy Likness 

(Twitter: @JeremyLikness) 


The first in a series of blog posts were Jeremy Likness covers lessons learned migrating from Medium to a static website generator (Hugo) that uses Azure DevOps for continuous integration and deployment to an Azure Storage Static Website. 

Azure Storage, Web Development, Static Websites, Azure DevOps 

How You Actually Use Kubernetes, Starring YAML Files 


Chris Noring 

(Twitter: @softchris) 


In his blog post about Kubernetes and YAML, Chris Noring is elaborates on YAML - what it is and how it works - and how you can use YAML files to configure your Kubernetes experience.  
He walks through a few deployment examples and shares resources to help you get started and learn more. 

Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service 

Learning Python from Scratch 001 - Getting Started (Windows) 


Cecil Phillip  




Brian Clark 




Cecil Phillip and Brian Clark's new Twitch series tackles learning a new programming language: Python. In the first session, they focus on how to set up Python on Windows and get started with Python in VS Code.  
Check out the stream notes for recordings, summary, and jump to specific questions or sections based on what's most interesting to you - be it writing your first line of Python code or learning Python-specific terminology. 

Education + Training, Programming (General), VS Code, VS Code Marketplace 

Building a Live Caption Tool (Part 1) 


Jim Bennett  




In this first blog post Jim Bennett explores creating a live captioning tool using Python and Cognitive Services as a learning tool. The next part, will cover how to customize the output by training the model using voice and background noise. 

Azure Portal, Python, AI + Machine Learning, APIs, Azure Cognitive Services (Speech API) 

AzureR: Create, Manage and Monitor Azure Services with R 


David Smith 



In this blog post, Cloud Advocate David Smith and Senior Data Scientist Hong Ooi dive into AzureR, the family of eight packages that provide tools to manage Azure resources from the open source R language. 
Together, the AzureR packages provide the capability to efficiently and securely access the Azure services that are most likely to be relevant to R users, including: Azure Activity Directory, Azure Resource Manager, AzureGraph, Azure Key Vault, Azure Storage, Containers, Virtual Machines, and Azure Data Explorer.  
David and Hong share a concrete code example that demonstrates how all these packages can be used together -- and where to go to get started. 

Azure Data Science Virtual Machines, Azure Container Registry, Azure Container Instances, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure VMs, Compute, Containers, Data + Analytics, Azure Storage, Azure Key Vault, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Active Directory, R 

Azure Cloud Shell Tips for SysAdmins: View and Modify your VM. 


Jay Gordon 




As an Azure Advocate, Jay spends a lot of his time learning the easiest ways for beginners to get started with Azure.  
In this tutorial-style post, Jay continues his "Cloud Shell Tips" with a look at how you can use Cloud Shell in your browser, to rapidly deploy, view and modify the Virtual Machine created in the previous post of the series. You'll get a sense of how you can use the CLI to query the Azure Resource Manager, then upgrade your VM to suit changing requirements or resource needs. And you'll get some useful DevOps advice in the process. 

Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Cloud Shell, Azure CLI 

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (Part 1) 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 


Laurent Bugnion 




In this video series (7 videos to be published over the summer), Laurent shares recordings from his DotNetDay 2019 Ethics in AI session. In Part 3, he introduces the concept of Bias in AI, due to various societal biases found in the data. The main issue in AI models is not the math, which is accurate. Because bias is present in our societies, it is also found in the big amounts of data needed to train AI models. Laurent illustrates this with a few examples. 
The public and many developers are confused about AI, and Laurent brings the focus on the delicate topic of ethics.  
Over the course of the series, you'll learn about bias in data, other ethical issues, privacy, ways to improve the situation, and situations where we can use AI to improve inclusion in an ethical manner. 

AI + Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Azure Cognitive Services (Custom Vision),  

Free Webinar: Azure Security Center: How to Protect Your Datacenter with Next Generation Security 


Thomas Maurer  

(Twitter: @ThomasMaurer) 


Thomas shares his upcoming "Azure Security Center: How to Protect Your Datacenter with Next Generation Security" webinar, delivered in partnership with Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze. 
Join the session to learn about Azure Security Center and how to protect your Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure from threats.  
Thomas and Andy will provide an Azure Security Center overview, steps to get started, best practices, tips for integration with other tools, and more. 

Azure Security Center 

Xamarin Documentation Update for June 2019 


Brandon Minnick 




A Reddit post to announce the updates on docs.microsoft.com/xamarin with the goal to drive awareness in the community and encourage more developers to visit our docs. 

Xamarin, Mobile, Documentation 

BinderHub official documentation: Set up Azure Container Registry 


Tania Allard 




Learn how to integrate BinderHub with the Azure container registry as an alternative to DockerHub through the official documentation, which Tania has contributed to. 

Azure Container Registry, Open Source 

Nuxt on Azure AppService for Windows 


Burke Holland 




This repo includes a sample Nuxt.js application and instructions for how to deploy it to Azure App Service for Windows. 

JavaScript, Azure App Service for Windows, Open Source, VueJS