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Cloud Advocate Content Highlights (Week of 02/21)

Microsoft's Cloud Advocates help every technologist, from those in enterprises or startups, to succeed and do what they love: write, code, and learn. They engage developers and others in the software ecosystem to further technical education and proficiency within the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform. Cloud Advocates meet with developers around the world through talks, demos, and engagement in technical communities. Please check out the latest Cloud Advoacy content highlights below for the week of 02/21:


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Working with Azure Functions in VS Code and GitHub








by @Burke Holland (@burkeholland) and @Aaron Powell (@slace)


Use GitHub to fork an existing application to your account before deploying to Azure, all from within VS Code! 🙌🏻

Cloud Computing, Developer Tools, GitHub, VS Code, DevOps

Windows Containers for IT Pro


By @Thomas Maurer (MICROSOFT AZURE)


Check out @ThomasMaurer’s video about why you should care about Windows Containers and how to get started.


Cloud Computing, Advice

How B2B Tech Startups Limit Customer Reach Opportunities by Ignoring Multi-Cloud


by @Ruth Yakubu


Did you know using a multi-cloud strategy helps startups in building solutions with portability and flexibility? 🚀Read @ruthieyakubu’s article to learn more.


Advice, Startups

Agrotech Workshop Using Azure IoT


by @Jim Bennett


Ever wanted to predict the weather?️Follow this hands-on lab for building an agrotech solution to predict weather using Azure IoT, Azure Maps and an AI Model running in Azure ML Studio!

IoT, AI + ML

Learn how YOU can convert your Objects between layers with Automapper, C#, .NET Core and VS Code


by @Chris Noring


Mapping from one type of object to another is a time-consuming task but a very important one as data moves from layer to layer. 📊Learn how to easily do this with the AutoMapper library.

Developer Tools, Data + Analytics