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The ultimate guide to CX playbook: Should you extend your practice?





“Customers come to us with a touchpoint ask. They want a chatbot or a website, but we work with them to put the specific request in the context of the customer experience to help them make sure they’re solving the pain point their customers are experiencing.” -- VMLY&R 


In our recent post, Ultimate Guide to CX Playbook: Hear from partners, we discussed how changing customer preferences and expectations are creating new opportunities for partners to create integrated, moments-based journeys for their customers and shared top tips for starting a customer experience (CX) practice from experienced Microsoft partners.


This post digs deeper into the importance of creating holistic experiences rather than touchpoint solutions and describes how you can extend your practice using the capabilities you already have to start a CX practice with the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform


Embrace a solution-selling focus to meet the needs of today’s customer organizations

The next wave of digital transformation hinges on a company’s ability to create powerful, end-to-end customer experiences and use the feedback from those interactions to continuously evolve and delight consumers.


As organizations across industries make this shift, they rely on Microsoft partners to help make sense of individual pain points and recommend powerful, scalable solutions that will enable them to nurture strong customer relationships now and into the future. To do this, partners themselves must be equipped to provide a holistic solution and not just provide the ‘thing’ the customer thinks they need. 

Microsoft’s solution stack, from Azure to Dynamics to Microsoft 365, is designed to enable solution selling, empowering you to broaden your scope from a product or products that address one piece of the puzzle to a full customer experience solution. 


All of this is packaged together in the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform (MCXP). The MCXP is the only platform designed around the business-to-everyone model of customer experience. By bringing together applications from across Microsoft such as Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft Advertising, and more, the MCXP provides a single integrated solution stack that customers can use to address multiple scenarios at a global scale.

Thanks to the MCXP, it’s easier than ever to extend from a touchpoint solution to provide broader CX value for your customers


Three pathways for extending your practice to become a CX solution provider

If you’re an existing data & AI, CRM, or e-commerce provider and are interested in extending your practice area to provide a holistic CX solution, we’ve provided a recommended next step. While the opportunities to extend across the Microsoft platform are endless, these recommendations describe how your core technical capabilities can be most easily enhanced and enriched through the layering of other capabilities to build a customer experience practice. Here are a few common partner scenarios you may recognize yourself in: 


“I have an Azure Data & AI practice, but no experience with Microsoft Business Applications”

The ability to connect and draw insights from disparate, siloed data is the foundation of any customer experience practice. Due to the composable nature of the Microsoft Cloud solution stack and your existing experience helping customers with identity, consent, governance, and privacy management, you can easily enhance your data & AI foundation to begin a CX practice by layering in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This extension would enable you to help customers collect, unify, and enrich their data helping to drive profitability and customer intent. This is a critical step in the digital transformation process.

“I have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service practice.”

Having an existing Dynamics 365 Customer Service practice provides an invaluable opportunity to look within your existing customer base to identify prospects who would benefit from building deeper relationships with customers through proactive, moments-based interactions.


By adding Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can begin to deliver connected experiences across every touchpoint. For example, customer journey orchestration and event management help organizations deliver creative and unique engagements in real time creating a richer customer experience and increased brand loyalty. 


From there, you can expand and scale to include Dynamics 365 Sales to help sellers nurture relationships or Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to unify customer data and gain a 360-degree view of the customer.


“I have an existing CRM practice built around Dynamics 365 Sales and/or Customer Insights”

Unlocking data to provide insights that create unbroken customer experiences is at the center of modern sales and marketing, and your existing Dynamics 365-based CRM practice is an excellent foundation for curating your customer experience solutions portfolio. 


Adding Dynamics 365 Marketing, for example, extends the strength of your MarTech capabilities to enable customer journey orchestration, event management, and omnichannel campaigns to help your customers deliver the unbroken experiences their end-customers expect. Next, you could consider adding Dynamics 365 Commerce and Promote IQ to help customers gain AI-driven search recommendations and drive web traffic monetization that leverages intelligent e-commerce. 


Every partner practice is unique, depending on the customers and verticals you serve, how you choose to differentiate yourself, and more. Discovering the best way to grow toward a customer experience practice is an individualized journey impossible to fully prescribe in three partner profiles like the ones above. That’s why we created the ultimate CX practice playbook to help guide you to your logical next step. 


Use the Customer Experience Practice Playbook to guide your next steps

The CX practice playbook is your launchpad for creating or growing your customer experience practice with Microsoft. You’ll learn more about the market opportunity for CX and how your capabilities can be extended to help your customers build customer-centric marketing systems to address their most pressing scenarios.


Alongside use cases, real-world implementation examples, and more, the CX practice playbook shares best practices from partners and digital agencies who have used Microsoft solutions to break down data siloes and empower marketers to unlock meaningful insights in real time.

Now is the time to build on your existing competencies to unlock new market opportunities with the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform! 


Source: Dynamics 365 Partner Portal (microsoft.com)


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