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How to spot Dynamics 365 or Power Platform opportunity? Top 5 questions to ask...

1. Are there business processes you are looking to improve, unify or move to the cloud? Offer a Discovery session to review their Finance, accounting and manufacturing processes, sales processes, customer service processes, commerce initiatives or project management process.

2. How does your company manage the sales and marketing processes? If they use excel, paper, an old CRM or has several siloed solutions. Offer a discovery around Dynamics Sales and Marketing

3. Do you have different sources of customer data that are disperse? Dynamics Customer Insights unifies several data sources to deliver a unified 360-degree view of the customer. Find more questions in the CI slide.

4. How do you manage your customer service agents or your field service technicians?
If the customer mentions several solutions or needs to improve the customer service performance or quality, this is a Customer service solution.  For on-field, on-site support agents, corrective and preventive maintenance, Field Service solution. Offer a follow up Discovery and solution assessment.

5. The technology platform can keep up with evolving business demands?
Power Platform helps to create Apps and Automation without coding, saving time, gaining agility, and empowering anyone. Offer to show them how easy Power Platform is and offer an App-in-a Day workshop