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Partner Sandbox Available today!

Partner Sandbox environments are available with Guides today at a discounted price of $20/user/month. These licenses can only be used by Partners for learning, dev/test and demos. Note: Remote Assist is not available today but is coming soon.


They do not expire and helps you creating your customized environment. It's not part of the internal use rights IUR package and you can add more user as you grow or the need for more professionals working with those environments are needed.


In the attached datasheet you find a link for ordering Partner Sandboxes and a list of all available ones. The prices are variing depending on the Sandbox type.


For more information please see: Partner Sandbox Licenses Datasheet attached.

Visitor 2

We purchased 5 users for the BC partner sandbox and I was wondering how to deploy the environment, too. By calling https://businesscentral.dynamics.com/ using my own AAD credentials I found out that we have a production (!) environment from an "early adopters" program coming from the old "Teneriffe" days. After assigning the licenses my user took it over for this environment. So it seems for those who have an appliable environment the licenses are used here (just like you, @ljacobowitz). All others might be able to create and deploy the environment by calling the link above. Unfortunanetly, I can't prove it since we already have this environment. Hope that helps...

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Dear @andrehe,

Where can I get the clarification on the below price? Is this 650$/month/user?



Level 2 Contributor

OK - now that we bought one, how do we get it provisioned? I can't find anything that explains what happens next after paying for it.  Is there a page online that describes how we get it?  It doesn't appear in LCS, there are no links in Microsoft 365 admin center on the license page that are helpful.  I didn't receive any email with next steps.  But I did pay for it!

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Has anyone been able to deploy the Partner Sandboxes yet?

We have purchased 5 licenses but we don't know how to deploy the environment.

If someone can give us a hand.

Thank you very much for your help.

Level 2 Contributor

We already had an iur subscription with an environment. This license took over that subscription when the iur license expired. I thought I would have gotten a newer project or something in lcs but did not. The license for the existing project /subsection just changed. This was for D365fo with a minimum of 35 licenses required.

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Hi ljacobowitz !

Do you have anything new to share on this?

Level 2 Contributor

We had an IUR subscription that was expiring which is why we purchased the partner sandbox. We expected a new project in LCS.  But it appears the partner sandbox subscription was used to keep our existing sandbox alive.  When I looked at the subscriptions I could see the original IUR suspended and the partner sandbox subscription was active.  It would be nice if someone would finish the documentation on this and explain what happens AFTER the purchase so we aren't left wondering.